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Consolidated B-24 Liberator

Enviado há

B24 Liberator

Type, Model, Series: B-24-J
Photo Mitchell Airfield

Back Row:
Bombardier Vincent Donato, Camden, NJ
Navigator George H Thomas, Newark, NJ
Copilot Robert J Hertell, Fort Worth, TX
Pilot Daniel H P LaPointe, Hudson, CO

Front Row:
Top Turret Clay D McGraw, Sweetwater, TX
Nose Gunner Laverne C Stricker
Tail Gunner Edward G Knortz, Brooklyn, NY
Radio Operator Jack J Coats, Dearborn, MI
Armorer Gunner Robert E Greenwell, Morganfield, KY
Engineer James Thonis, Riverside, CA


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Thanks for sharing on 11/11/2016
Dave Sheehy
Great historical picture, thanks for sharing. Do you know what year, Peter?
Roy Hunte
Nice shot! Is Vincent Donato your dad Peter?
Peter DonatoPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the votes and comments and, yes, Vincent is my dad - I'll ask him tonight what year the photo was taken (we see him almost every Sat. night.)
Paul Wisgerhof
The great news from Peter Donato is that his dad made it home. Lots of bomber crews didn't.
Alan Brown
Great photo! Thanks for the reminder.
Thanks for that!
Lucius Gravely
My late father-in-law was an instructor pilot in Boise, Idaho before the end of the war. Later, as a controller at Cleveland Center, I ran into 4 controllers who had flown B-24s out of Foggia, Italy but had never met until the consolidation of Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh Centers in the early '60s.
Matthew Hertell
I have that exact same photo in my living room. My father is the copilot, Robert Hertell. What a surprise to find it online. Thanks for sharing it. Now I know the names of everyone in the photo.
The Greatest Generation!! Thank You For Your Service, Men!!


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