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Lockheed C-130 Hercules

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Mark Thomas
Beautiful shot!
Greg Byington
Very nice!
A superb full face on shot of the iconic Hercules and "5" stars!!!
Hauled a lot of rubbish, saved countless lives and a living tribute to the "can do" aircraft. Now the most continually produced aircraft in the world, over 50 or even 60 years.
Just a great aircraft. Terrific photo!
Dear Friend


I need the flight driviing, I am eager to learn, how to learn flight driving, like this type.


Once upon the ages an airframe manufacturer turned out thousands of extremely well designed and built aircraft for all sorts of missions, trainers, fighters, transport (civilian and military) and spy planes too, most if not all within budget and on a timely fashion and meeting tech performance specs too. Unfortunately that has not been the case as of late.
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding capture!
Paul Parish
Hauled rubbish? dare you we were TRASH haulers, and proud of it,,just kidding. I flew 1300 hours on E models back in the Vietnam days.....what a terrific time in my life, and what a great airplane, brought me home a number of times that other planes may not have...


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