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Boeing 747-200 (82-8000) - Air Force One smokin’ on arrival at Hopkins this afternoon, 27 May 2021.
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Boeing 747-200 (82-8000)

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Air Force One smokin’ on arrival at Hopkins this afternoon, 27 May 2021.


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John Giambone
Awesome Shot Ed!
Not AF1
That is n/a
John Ryan
True that! befreefilm! and Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
Chuck Pergiel
Why does the underside of the tailplane remind me of a cheeseburger?
Chris Croft
Chuck, because the thorazine hasn't kicked in yet.
Leander Williams
I remember the time old Bill sent my sons a stock photo of 28000 flying over Mt. Rushmore, along with an autographed picture of HIMSELF.
Robert Cowling
I squeaked out of MSP before Obama arrived. I was listening to the ATC on a channel on the plane I was in. We made it. One plane had a passenger still standing, apparently in the can. The controller said they had better get them seated, or they were going to be waiting it out, and then everyone would be on the can. And then, yep, as we were climbing out, the TFR kicked in, and he had to tell everyone waiting that they would be there 'a while'. Someone said 'Damn'. :-D ATC said 'You can tell that passenger they have some time to get their stuff done because they were the one that kept you all there'.

HAH! You win some, you lose some...


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