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Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe (N793HT)

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KRDD - N793HT - S-64 "Skycrane" of Helicopter Transport Service arriving at Redding Airport Jun 29th, 2018 returning from the "Flat Fire" in Trinity County near Douglas City,CA southeast of Weaverville, CA. This one beautiful Helicopter and sounds just as cool.


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Gary Schenauer
Alien, just heard on the early AM news about the massive wildfire that tore into Redding late yesterday and overnight. Extremely sorry to hear of the firefighter who lost his life and of the others who were burned and of the 12 homes that were destroyed last night, too. Today will be pure h-ll there with 0% of the fire being contained and it already burning right into the city. If you get just a free second of time, check in, OK? And know we are thinking of you, your family, and everyone in Redding and offering our most sincere prayers that no one else is harmed and no more homes are lost. We are only a few hours away and I'll check my email hourly so if there is anything at all that we here can do, just tell us, OK?
Gary Schenauer
Another firefighter has died while fighting this out-of-control wildfire. Sixty-five homes now gone; another 5000 in the immediate path of the on-coming flames. I know it is a long way, T, but if you need a place to regroup, just say the word. Our thoughts every single second are with you and the entire city.
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
TYVM Gman. OK for now, 2 days of h*ll. Alert 2 packed and ready. May get a break today Sunday 7-29....I'll email later.We live north of the road closures north of Redding,
Gary Schenauer
Tom, I'm extremely happy to hear from you, and I'm glad to know that your family and home are OK. What a horrific tragedy this fire is - and all of it caused by a car. Will people never learn? I hope the driver can live with him (or her) self knowing that over 1000 homes have been destroyed --- and seven people, including two children, have perished. Since the word may not have gotten out, the Reno-area casinos are offering rooms to anyone from Redding who is now homeless. Problem is - it takes a few hours by car to get here - and so many families also lost their cars. And when they get here, the entire city is covered by an unreal blanket of heavy, choking smoke -- and a record-breaking twelve day streak of temps over 100 degrees. You know it is bad when RNO Gman walks away from a chance to photograph military metalbirds being diverted from KNFL (under minimums due to smoke) and goes home. I actually could not breathe or keep my eyes open to sight the shots. Man, old age s--ks! I think I could have handled it when I was younger. Anyway, stay in touch, T.
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