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Boeing 747-200

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KSEA - looking NNE at Bow Lake on Feb 27th, 1995 as a NWA 747-2 idles for departure hold bars, the cargo ramp in the background always had some sort of jet or piston engine aircraft I'd never seen before every time I was in Seattle. Photo from the now closed and long gone Airpark - this is the 3rd runway west area now. Click full.


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Gary Schenauer
That's an Emery Worldwide DC-8 freighter way off in the background. Great memory jog pic, T! 5*.
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thx Gman - that is correct, I used to see those at RNO in the late 80-early 90s when rolling through RNO area for Carson City. The far left L-1011 was a Royal Air Force ship. I also saw one in the rain while landing, different visit here, and it had a long air to air refueling probe extended from the top of the cockpit - at least that is what I thought it was. I'll have to find that picture and post it.


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