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Boeing 727-200 (N297US)

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KRNO - Arriving at Reno, NV Summer 1989-90....LN: 1496 Rattlesnake Hill is off to the right aways! I guess they could not afford wheel blocks back then?


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silverio califano
It looks like wood chocks next to the mechanics right foot if I am not mistaken.
Joseph Cotter
That's back in the good ol' days when the mechanic used his foot the stop the jet. Hence he used the same foot to "kick 'em out".
David Seider
I'm not sure which I miss more - Redtails or Three-Holers.
I guess my answer would be..."yes"!
chris knight
Amen on REALLY missing "Three-Holers"
Kevin Simons
I miss the days when you could look up at an aircraft and know what it was you were seeing with just a quick glance - be it a 727, L1011, 747 or DC9. Now it takes finding tiny little variations with a good long look to even get a clue as to what that generic looking fuselage with 2 engines is.
If you look at that same area today, the Eastern slopes are full of residential and commercial buildings. Only Rattlesnake mountain is uninhabited. Gee, I wonder why, LOL! Thanks for the memories!
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thank you all for the comments....Silverio, i was kidding on the 'foot'...!! LOL
Chris DiCenso
I'm a retired NWA mechanic and we didn't use chocks while the plane was at the gate in between flights. At least not at MSP or DTW where I worked.
And I miss the Three Holers too. I have the sad honor of being the last NWA mechanic to be Run/Taxi/High Power qualified on the B-727. And that was in 2002 or early 2003 when we only had a couple of them left that were "plushed out" foe sport team use.
Chris DiCenso
Oh, and I started my civilian aircraft mechanic career at MSP in the B727 check hangar.
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Nice report Chris, Thank you. The "Last NWA Mechanic" might be a good movie !?
Not just jets! I really think three is just a superior number of engines period. I can bore you to death with reasons...
1989 maybe. This scheme was gone by 1999.
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks Lowenbrau915...yes, it could be 1989, getting old and not having the negative folders dated my fault, you are probably correct. 1989.
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