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Beechcraft 18 (N41289)

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At Barksdale Air Force Base. Beech D18S


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*****5***** stars!

Thanks for sharing this one with us!
Peter West
Great image brings back happy memories of a Beech 18 our business had back in the early '60s
ppickPhoto Uploader
Thank you cliff. I like the feedback whether it's good or bad or if I tagged an aircraft wrong. Photos can't do that aircraft justice! In person, whoever did the restoration did a stunning job!
Michael McMurtrey
What a beauty!
Alan Brown
Absolutely a great looking aircraft! Thank you for the photo.
Ppick... you are welcome and your photo comes as close as any possibly can to capturing the essence of this fine restoration!
Ronnie B.
Beautiful bird
David Seider
4x 5 stars...

Five each to:
- Ed Beech (a/c designer)
- restorer
- owner
- ppick (for the snap!)

What a beauty, indeed!
roland pfeifer
Great paint job.
Loyd Enochs
Great paint choice - fits the aircraft to a tee!
And excellent photo!
Lucius Gravely
When a mail carrier named Blackhawk ran out of ORD in the 70s and early 80s, they useds B-18s. We lived about 40 mi N.W. (on their route to JVL) just below the highest hilltop in the area. Sometimes they flew in pairs and were just above our house. 4 radial engines all at once....sounded similar to a B-17...what a sound!
Richard Ashley
The paint is an eyecatcher
Hugh Somsen
Will never forget flying from STL to TBN in 1969. FT Leonard Wood Airlines. We skimmed the tree tops the whole way. Due to Passenger crowding I had to sit in the copilot seat in the B18. On approach the pilot turned to me and said, "as soon as we touchdown, I need you to pop your door open and brace it against the wind, our brakes aren't working....". Now I was a very young naive enlistee, but I did as instructed. Today I imagine the pilot was having his fun with me....but??
David Layne
What a beautiful aircraft!
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