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N603P — - The Pride of Piedmont leaves the Charlotte, NC hub on June 15, 1987 with 187 passengers on the inaugural flight bound for London
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N603P —

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The Pride of Piedmont leaves the Charlotte, NC hub on June 15, 1987 with 187 passengers on the inaugural flight bound for London's Gatwick Airport. The flight marked the inauguration of transatlantic service for Piedmont Airlines. (Photo courtesy of the Piedmont Aviation Historical Society)


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Eric Shepherd
The Pacemakers!!!! Great shot!
Robert-Well done. Great picture and photo credit. Piedmont Airlines was 20,000+ employees strong at the peak when the company was merged into US Air. We took pride in our aircraft and service. Thanks for sharing.
Dave Sheehy, Piedmont Airlines
Boston-KBOS-Aircraft Line Maintenance
Darryl Sarno
Great shot! Thanks for sharing this one!
John Bergh
A real Beauty! Thanks for including the story and date along with the picture. Makes the photo much more interesting. Looking forward to more!
Edward Johnston
Yes, great shot. Flight originated in Tampa with an intermediate stop in CLT. Flew the 1st leg from TPA to CLT a lot of festivities. In CLT the 767 was met by PI DC-3 and the DC-3 escorted the 767 out for departure.
Donald Parsons
The flight made money with no passengers if all the air cargo space was sold - which is was on most flights. GREAT airline to work for - great people to work with. A wonderful work environment - unlike today.
Steve Downs
I was on that very flight. If I remember correctly, since Piedmont was a "novice" at trans-Atlantic flying, they were required to fly farther north than what would be an optimum route. This kept the flight path closer to more land, just in case. It turned out to be great because we flew over southern Greenland. What a sight that was. Thank you Robert.
Joseph Edwards
I remembered flying Piedmont back in the 70's. When i was in the military. The ole prop jobs. We called them the tree top scrappers.
Ceci Ruzzene
I had only been with Piedont about a year, and was honored to be part of the Flight Attendant's chosen to work this flight. I had taken pictures but I am unable to locate. Are there any archived photos? There were alot of photos taken and the media was there. I need links if possible to these pictures!!! Thanks. Piedmont proud Ceci. jruzzene55@gmail.com
Ceci Ruzzene
Need pictures of flight crew!!!
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