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Aero Spacelines Super Guppy (N941NA)
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Aero Spacelines Super Guppy (N941NA)

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Gavin Hughes
Holy cow - fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. What a plane, what a photo.
Nice shot, Dan!Looks like the Jiffy Pop is done :)
Diana Rose
Can't believe this behemoth has so few landing wheel gears. The Antonov 225 must have around 26 landing wheels, last count.
Michael Rogers
In my mind it's like someone told me one time about a bumble bee it should not be able to fly. The props look so out of proportion to the size of the cargo area. Seen them several times here in Huntsville, Alabama with NASA's Marshall SFC located here.
Jim Smirh
Looks like there is a new aircraft about to hatch from that egg! Its head is already out!
Brian Rushfeldt
costly rebuild but it served its purpose.
frank theriault
Incredible! Both the photo and the aircraft. . .
Michael Vogel
I was honored to have met one of original Chief Pilots for the Beluga in the era of the Apollo missions. His experience during the Berlin airlifts gave him the finesse to handle this odd aircraft that operated at the edges of its flight envelope during almost every phase of the flight;from takeoff to landing. Cheers to this old bold pilot!
Pablo Rogina
@Diana Rose you may want to compare the max takeoff weight of both airplanes, maybe there the explanation is...
Antonov AN-225 -> 640,000 kg (1,410,958 lb)
Super Goopy -> 77,111 kg (170,000 lb)
Gary Eldridge
Fill this with flame retardant and it's "Flames Out" for the entire forest. Hey wouldn't it be fun to have a radio controlled model airplane meet inside this thing while flying at 18,000 feet?
James Keller
The super Guppy is one of the ugliest aircraft to have ever flown. But, it did it's job well.
Myron Warren
Saw this plane at Indianapolis Intl Airport in the late 60s or early 70s. Believe it was used to transport our early space capsules.
renato basso
Electra Gordo - kkkkk
Robert Rinehuls
I understand the designer had worked previously for Airstream Travel Trailers.
Robert Cowling
That is such a bizarre looking plane! OMG! It looks like a ball of aluminum foil swallowed an airplane. Amazing... Great shot!!! Amazing!
Baruch Klausner
I always thought it was just a photoshop made in computer... and just with three pairs of wheels ??... MY RESPECTS TO DESIGNERS..!!!!
Didn't know this bird was still out and "up" there. Great craftwork and photo too!
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