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74-0643 —
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74-0643 —

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Michael Gower
I didn't know that any F4 Phantoms were still in service.
Steven H Wilcox
Great War bird shot!
Loyd Enochs
@Michael Gower - it is a QF-4 drone/remote control aircraft and even they are going away - last one flew a week or so ago, I think
karl sievers
my favorite aircraft. best plane ever built. i was in the vietnam era navy
Scott Ehni
In the shape it is in it probably belongs to the colons foundation.
sam kuminecz
Loyd. The last manned flight of the QF-4 drone program is December 20th at Holloman NM. 4 ships will be flying and supersonic passes
Marc Berg
Hey Sam Kuminecz. Great info on the F4 drone. Is that last flight observable by the public in anyway by chance?
sam kuminecz
As of August there were 21 left in inventory. After the 20th the rest will be scrapped or at China lake on the bomb range
Claudio Cappabianca
There are few in private hands and flying in air shows.....
Peter Maher
Why does there appear to be a pilot in the cockpit if this is a drone?
sam kuminecz
Peter, a QF-4 can be flown by a person as well. Just a single seat, back seat ejection seat removed
Joe Wood
QF4 drones are painted with an orange tail flash and wingtips, and are a primer grey color. They don't look as good as this one does to be shot out of the sky for target practice. I'm pretty sure this one belongs to and individual or as noted the Collins Foundation.
Joe Wood... the QF-4E Phantom aircraft are still in USAF inventory. 76-0643 was painted in the above livery for use in the U.S. Air Force's Heritage Flight program at airshows across the country. The QF-4 are the only active flying Phantoms in the U.S. Air Force. Not all drone flights are for the purpose destructive weapons testing. Refer back to Sam Kuminecz's comments above for the current and ending status on these aircraft.
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