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Paul Schantz
Great detail shot!
Alan Brown
Is this a take off, or a bad crosswind landing?
Mark Thomas
Is that too much flaps for a takeoff? But no smoke on the tires?…Hmm?
Love these detail shots. Definitely a landing with that amount flap hanging. No smoke because those back wheels have long since spun up. Take a note of how the rear wheel set on the bogie hangs down very steeply when still airborne and you will realize that the bogie in this image touched down and spun up some time ago. The oleo is compressing and the remaining wheels are just about to touchdown. It's even possible she's in a small bounce. The shot looks like its one bogie with a twist on but in fact its two bogies (see the two oleos) with slight left wing down. Great shot.
Bernd Gassmann
Can anybody tell me where the other six wheels from the left hand gear are?
renato basso
Pablo Rogina
Bernd, the left boogie is there as well. The right-most wheel in the picture is actually from the left boogie. In addition the picture show both main struts.
Doyle Jacoby
I really like the detail on this photograph. It's a perspective you normally do not see on aircraft photos.
Outstanding shot!!!
Gilles Lavoie
What a shot !!
Kenneth Williams
When I first saw the tumbnail, I wondered if the jet had broken its gear. Now it's apparent that there are two sets of gear and that we can only see the tires on the right of each.
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
8 de Mar de 2021 UnknownTan Son Nhat Int'l () 15:07 +07 Em vôo
8 de Mar de 2021 UnknownInt'l de Incheon ()Tan Son Nhat Int'l () 09:13 KST 12:21 +07 5:07
6 de Mar de 2021 B77WInt'l de Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Incheon () 14:02 EST 18:51 KST (+1) 14:49
6 de Mar de 2021 B77WInt'l de Incheon ()Int'l de Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson () 13:04 KST 11:58 EST 12:53
4 de Mar de 2021 B77WInt'l O'Hare ()Int'l de Incheon () 11:34 CST 16:32 KST (+1) 13:57
4 de Mar de 2021 B77WInt'l de Incheon ()Int'l O'Hare () 10:44 KST 07:52 CST 12:08
3 de Mar de 2021 UnknownInt'l Soekarno-Hatta ()Int'l de Incheon () 22:35 WIB 07:03 KST (+1) (?) 6:28
3 de Mar de 2021 UnknownInt'l de Incheon ()Int'l Soekarno-Hatta () 15:07 KST 19:48 WIB 6:41
23 de Fev de 2021 B77WInt'l de Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Incheon () 14:08 EST 19:17 KST (+1) 15:08
23 de Fev de 2021 B77WInt'l de Incheon ()Int'l de Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson () 13:12 KST 11:33 EST 12:21
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