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Nanton Alberta


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ken kemper
Great photo William !!
Alan Hume
Is this FM213 of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, one of only two Lancasters currently airworthy? Or is it FM159 of the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, which, though not yet airworthy, is restored to the point of being able to run up its four engines?
[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_surviving_Avro_Lancasters] It's somewhere in Canada because of the Snowbirds CT-114 Tutor No. 4 in the background.
frank theriault
It doesn't look like the Mynarski Lanc (FM213). It appears to have white or yellow T on the side of the nose, and FM213 has a red A. I'm pretty sure it's FM159 in Nanton Alberta. Great shot!
Yellow "T" on the nose, would indicate it is likely Bomber Command Museum of Canada Lancaster FM159
Kind of surprising to me that the Snowbird CT-114 Tutor Number 4 is allowed to be in the near direct potential prop-wash area of these un-feathered propellers!
Nothing like four propeller aircraft.
Much more to my visual liking than jet engines!
Steve Cochrane
It's not in Nanton Alberta because how would you get a snowbird in there unless you taxied it down Hwy. 2.
WoW, I had no idea prop tips overlapped that much on Lancasters! Bet you can feel it when those things are poorly synced!
Jeff Robinson
Yes, it is the Lancaster at Nanton, there is an OLD Snowbirds airframe on display there, this is Lancaster FM159 F2-T
Doug Zalud
Clear the modern stuff out of the background, and you would think that this was a shot of getting ready to head out to Berlin.


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