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Penso che mettere le foto senza una spiegazione sia del tutto inutile
Robin Rebhan
Wow! Great shot!
Everybody wants their picture taken with a P-51. The most respected aircraft perhaps in the world.
Brian Rushfeldt
great timing Falcon and Mustang combo
Agreed DonFuller312. If you look closely, the pilot of the F16 is clearly admiring the P-51.
Ken Fedder
They are a beautiful pair, just lovely! Falcon pilot is watching his positioning, beautiful !!
Mason Billy
Epic picture
No where. no When, no stars. Too bad, it was a nice picture.
Sheena Miller
Jerry Yagen of Virginia Beach (VA) owns Mustang 44-63507 (N51EA). It flies as 44-63684, the serial of the original "Double Trouble Two".

from scramble magazine,..when where?
Ron Wroblewski
People asking where, this combo is performing at east coast USA air shows currently. I saw them may 15th in Melbourne FL. So, maybe this is as well. Who knows.
William GilsonPhoto Uploader
So I am NOT a spotter I just shoot to get great shots the where and when dont matter to me as for the Number on the aircraft ... I really dont care so those of you complaining Sorry but you can read the # on the shot


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