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Grumman Goose — - Fly buy on Akun Island, Aleutians
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Grumman Goose —

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Fly buy on Akun Island, Aleutians


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Mathias Böttcher
beautiful photo -
Ed Heinen
What a shot ‼️
Luc Barbier
Flying fish ?
Peter Van Aken
What kind of plane is that?
I love this shot! This is cool.
I dearly love the Goose and trusted it for many hours in SE, Aleutian, SW Alaska. Regular flights in the worst weather imaginable for VFR. I always flew in copilot's seat for weight and balance reasons. Exciting to haul back on the control yoke and hug to your tummy during a water takeoff. It is a truly rugged aircraft, so suited to it's mission. I feel cheated when no mention is made of the location and date of picture. Looks like it could be SW Alaska or Aleutian area.
robert cook
I may be wrong but I believe that is a Grumman Widgeon. She's a Beauty.
Dan Drimmie
A true classic...she is a 1942 G21A Grumman Goose, flying for Peninsula Airways Inc. in Anchorage Alaska. Registration N7811.
Robert, the Widgeon never had the flat plate 'tombstone' windshield like the Goose.
Excellent photo of a classic plane Bryan.
robert cook
I've learned something today, thanks . Still a great shot !
george washington
Gorgeous shot. Awesome aircraft!
Philip Handforth
would like to know where photo taken
serge LOTH
This is a super shot of a super A/C Gruman Goose.
Barbara Schaus
Beautiful photo, but it looks like a Grumman Widgeon .
robert cook
this photo is listed in another place on this website as being submitted two years ago, along with a bunch of different comments
Robert Cook... yes, it happens. Sometimes the photo has been "re-edited" and uploaded again. I cannot say here regarding this one, but the link is below...

Bryan CarricaburuPhoto Uploader
Grumman Goose (G-21) operated by Peninsula Airways, Inc. (PenAir). Taken on Akun Island (Aleutians), Alaska. We used this fresh water lake to wash off the salt after departing from the ocean.


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