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Boeing 747-400 (N668US) - Snow storm !
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Boeing 747-400 (N668US)

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Snow storm !


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Gary Schenauer
Tremendous capture, John.
Mark Thomas
Excellent shot John!
JM32Photo Uploader
thanks Rich. that always happens. it's an input glitch on their back end. thanks for noticing that minor detail but did you like the picture ?
JM32Photo Uploader
Thanks Mark and Gary ! :)
Super photo!
JM32Photo Uploader
thank you Leland !
Ron Harper
Great shot!
JM32Photo Uploader
thanks Ron !
Dwight Hartje
John,you don't fail to get some great shot! Very nice shot!
JM32Photo Uploader
many thanks Dwight ! :)
What was he here for?
JM32Photo Uploader
NFL charter
Darryl Sarno
Fantastic as usual John!
JM32Photo Uploader
Thank you Darryl
Dhruv Kalra
Possible to get this in 2560x1440 for wallpaper?

dk AT minniecenter DOT org
Kevin Watterson
Where was this?
Jennifer Farnsworth
Congratulations John - this is a spectacular photo!!!
JM32Photo Uploader
Thank you very very much Jen !!! x's 10
JM32Photo Uploader
@ Kwatt KBOS Logan Airport Boston Ma 02128 33L departure
Russ Taylor
Great pic John. Do you sell any of your photos? I would be interested in this.
a.g loyd
Excellent shot
JM32Photo Uploader
20,000 views Sept. 25th 2015
fantastic shot! 5 stars!
Max G
Nice shot!, Too Bad Delta is retiring these beautiful birds.
Love the snow being kicked up!
JM32Photo Uploader
thanks Japanjeff !!
patrick baker
damn shame these magnificent planes will be fewer in number with scheduled airlines. When these 747's came out, National Airlines had a pair of them, and I was number 3 or 4 behind one of them going into Miami International Airport. I stayed above the approach profile for 9-right and it seemed that I was water skiing behind a whale. A view that is memorable still to this day. These have become obsolete but still fly well. These defined comfort and class until the A380 came along.
Evan Browne
Wow, I would freeze to death planespotting in the winter, congrats for not getting frostbite XD, I live in NH
Richard Ashley
I am probably wrong, but I was not aware the Delta Airlines ever had any 747's in there fleet. Unless possibly it was a cargo configuration.
Roy Hunte
Speedtrap, they were inherited from Northwest Airlines when they merged.
Gary Schenauer
Nine still flying for Delta (N662US, N665US, N666US, N667US, N668US, N669US, N670US, N673US, and N674US). The most recent flight of N662US (the one shown in my folder) took it to Narita.
Iain Robertson
Delta was one of the original operators of the classic Boeing 747. In 1970, Delta ordered 5 747-100 series, and operated the type from September, 1970 to April, 1977.
Cade Emtage
You are one truly gifted photographer John!!!
Great shot!!
JM32Photo Uploader
Thank you Cade !
JM32Photo Uploader
Thank you Bartololmeo !
That's a spectacular shot. So long 747s.
wow. incredible.
JM32Photo Uploader
Thank you Sweeney20 !
JM32Photo Uploader
Thank you redsoxrowe !
Spencey Wencey
Incredible shot John!
JM32Photo Uploader
Thank you Spencey !
anthony geinopolos
God bless the 747
Carlos Campos
Amazing Picture
John - that's a fantastic shot. I just picked up a cut out segment of the fuselage from that jet with a mirror in the window - and I was looking for a picture of the section in her former glory - and you nailed it. Much appreciated!
hey JM - would you be open to selling me a high resolution version of that shot? I'd like to get a proper print of it - but not without your blessing. jamoore at gmail.com
David Pyatt
Great airplane. I first flew on a CP Air 747 out of Vancouver to Toronto. I had no concept until then of how big they where until then.
JM32Photo Uploader
Thank you David. simply the best !
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