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F-ZBEZ — - This was another Conair Firecat delivered to Securite Civile, in 1984. T8 was written off, in 1987.
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This was another Conair Firecat delivered to Securite Civile, in 1984. T8 was written off, in 1987.


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Dan Chiasson
What a beautiful aircraft. Can easily see the underlying military design. Heavy-duty, powerful, purpose-driven. Have not yet researched this specific aircraft but ~100 were built in Canada under contract with Grumman.
Grumman Iron Works. 2 R1820's flying in close formation.
R1820's was the very first engine I trained on with the USCG. 1978. Never forget how exciting that was even after 38 years of aviation.

Great shot. I actually would love to own that A/C.
serge LOTH
love that Tracker. Unfortunatly one of my close friend got Killed in Corsica fighting a fire , but it was a Prop Firecat..
zimbo1956Photo Uploader
Thanks for comments. SERGE, I have nothing but absolute respect for the pilots of any water-bombing aircraft. Sadly, it is a very dangerous profession.
Chris Croft
The aircrews that fly these missions understand the risk of their profession. What they do is courageous, not sad.
John Rumble
I remember every summer i the 60's they would have one on display at the Canadian National Exhibition
Edward Ludwig
I had a Navy S2 Parked beside my UH-1H VIP bird at Seoul Airbase in 1972. It was cool to watch those guys crank that thing up . It was good for mosquito control.
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