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87-0309 — - Like a mirror (although one is a bit closer to the camera, which is probably a very good thing)
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87-0309 —

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Like a mirror (although one is a bit closer to the camera, which is probably a very good thing)


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Greg Byington
Well done, Bill! Your shot is much better than mine. There was so much smoke in the air from their previous passes that my shot looks pretty washed out. I was there on Saturday, so I'm guessing that you were there on Sunday. Anyway, great shot!
Bill EdgarPhoto Uploader
Thanks @Greg_Byington! I was actually kinda bummed that they used as much smoke as they did...maybe they should limit smoke to just the really big formation maneuvers.
Greg Byington
Yeah, we only had a small breeze on Sat, but it wasn't enough to clear the smoke between their passes in front of the crowd. I'm not sure there is any great solution. They need the smoke so they're more visible from further away, and it is more dramatic. More wind would have been nice, but too much wind and they can't fly. A few years ago at KDMA they sat at the end of the runway for around 45 minutes waiting for the wind to die down so they could take off. It never did, and they never did. So, I guess it's okay. They still put on a great show!
Greg Byington
Here is my pic:

Alan Brown
Great photo! I am glad that there are such good photographers on this site. I am not one of them unless the aircraft are static, and that is not a sure shot. Thank you for all of the really great action photos!
Beautiful picture. Notice the numbers 5 and 6 on the intake scoop under each pilot. The 5 is right-side-up in this photo because it is up-side-down on the airplane.
ken kemper

Such a Super Photo..........

Can't get better than that !!
Alvie Beck
@kenkemper The pilot's number is upside down on the Lead Solo pilot. #'s 1-4 are the formation pilots, #5 is lead solo and spends most of his/her time inverted, #6 is the other Solo. #7 is a backup bird and #8 is the media bird (2 seater used to give rides).

You took an amazing photo! I've been lucky to witnessed them and the BA's perform a few times and each time this pass happens, I just gape and gaze in awe. I know they are safely apart but at the same time, they are each flying over what, 400/500 miles per hour giving a closing speed close to 1000 mph? Could any one of us mere mortals think that quickly!!! These men and women (and all the support airmen) are superstars in my book.
Where 'baby aircraft' come from perhaps? :)
Where 'baby aircraft' come from? :)
John moffitt
Thank you.
Unbelievable capture! Perfectly flown; if it wasn't that the airplanes have different numbers on them, you'd think it was a trick photo!!
Donald Randolph
@ddieterich I noticed that, too. Does that mean the number is right side up on the left side of the aircraft and upside down on it's right? They certainly must have noticed this before.
David Powell
There should be no closure speed. They are on same heading.
William Owens
I have a nasty throwing knife that looks like that!
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