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Bob Smith
Tom Glass
Nice, never have seen a turbine conversion before!
John Giambone
Great shot Mark!
Kathleen Bangs
What a stunning Goose! Used to fly the Mallard, just love those Grumman amphibs.
Diana Rose
This is a beauty shot and a great referb job. in the 70's used to take the Goose (Antilles Airboats) from San Juan to U.S.V.I., husb. on business. The fleet was old then. Cockpit 2nd seat was used for pax; would race to get aboard and get that seat, knowing we'd get wet landing from the splash-down water coming in thru old worn, leaky window gaskets. The pilot would nonchalantly hand us a roll of paper towel to dry off. Fun-Fun!
Dean Mooney
Have a look at VH-PPT. Been flying in Australia for at least 20 years with the conversion.http://www.paspaleygroup.com/aviation/mallards
ken kemper
Great pic & photo angle Mark......
Dan Chiasson
Beauty. Love the way the air intakes are 180 deg from the norm for obvious reasons. Anybody know if the engine is flipped or the ductwork re-aligned.

Gordon Shenkle
I suspect that the engine is flipped as the exhaust is on the left rather than the normal right side...
Christian Nye
Flew in these many times as Antilles Air Boats in US Virgin Islands. Automatic Marine Rule bilge pumps activated when landing as there were always leaks thru the rivets. Even once jump started the port engine, in West End, Tortola w/ a piece of rope led to a VW bumper....magneto was on the fritz!
John Shearer
Intakes are usually below but there are exhaust ports on both sides of ther PT-6's. Relatively easy to reroute intake air. Great shot
robert anderson
magnificent !!
Ned Griffin
On one of the flights on Kodiak Western's Gooses between Kodiak and Akhiok, I recall asking the pilot about a handle near my copilot seat. It apparently was a bomb release for use in the Aleutian campaign during WWII. In the six years we were teachers on Kodiak Island, my wife and I had many wonderful and sometimes hair-raising flights on the Goose. What a dependable workhorse that plane was!
Cibrut Turbic
Beautiful shot!

So, how inertial separator applies here, if engine is upside down? Where is actual air outflow from inertial separator? Normally it is at the bottom of turboprop engine cowling so hard particles like ground debree or ice can fall out before compressor intake due the gravity ...
FJ Mendez
Reg: N642
Aircraft: Mckinnon G-21C version of the Grumman Goose
Serial #: 1204
Very nice......love those old Grumman amphibious.....radial engines or not.
Flew as pax on Antilles Airboats Goose and Mallards from San Juan to the USVI.
Would love to get a few hours on the left seat of one sometime before they are all gone.
Ron Lorenz
Now there flys a big chunk of change!!
Fabulous photo!
Ron Streetenberger
A Goose with Turbo engines. Who wooda thunk? What a wonderful thing.
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