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F+W EMMEN Vampire (N23105) - DEHAVILLAND DH115 VAMPIRE N23105 flying by the USCGC Shearwater during a hazy 2019 Atlantic City Air Show
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F+W EMMEN Vampire (N23105)

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DEHAVILLAND DH115 VAMPIRE N23105 flying by the USCGC Shearwater during a hazy 2019 Atlantic City Air Show


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Alan Brown
Great photo! Thank you.
Dick Nieuwendyk
Excellent picture - well captured
Toby Sharp
Hell of a shot Ken.
gwapo santa
Old age I remember the Vampires RAF Linton on Ouse plus Sabres Hunters cold war days. Mother was a DJ for crews on standby
Georges Passereau
very cool thanks
Philip Jackson
Excellent photograph, well captured.

Its good to see someone taking good care of these vintage aircraft, it looks superb in the colour scheme.
Vittorio Ottonello
Is the pilot Maverick?
Vittorio Ottonello
Is the pilot Maverick?
Peter Dundee
Remember them from when I was a kid at Farnborough airshow, Black Arrow Hunters too!
Dan Brink
Now thats a cool Picture. Good Job
Michael Scott
Incredible image. Thanks.
Harvey Glockenmeyer
First jet I ever saw. Dad was driving the 49 Plymouth, approaching interurban tracks near Vancouver Airport where the RCAF base was on Sea Island. We thought a train was coming, came to an abrubt stop, and well no tram. Just two weird looking planes roaring overhead.
Sidney Smith
Extraordinary picture given the conditions and angle. Ya gotta love the Thunderbirds team member waving from the USCG Shearwater to the pilot.
Awesome capture!!
Peter West
Great shot Ken! Guess this was taken in hi-speed continuous shooting mode, what gear did you use?
Ken LicwinkoPhoto Uploader
@Peter West- this photo was taken with a Nikon D850 and Tamron 150-600mm G2 with a 6fps burst shot off a Manfrotto monopod.
Là, je dis bravo !!!
Claude Bureau
Great photo, Ken. As most Dehaviland aircrafts, the design is so nice and dekicate. IO remember having see two of these Vampires flying over Québec City on a WW 1 Memorial day in the early '50s.
Glad to see ther is at least one still flying today.
Jim Costello
The Border is over there mate. You are out of your depth. I'd trade that in for a F16.
a mentor
@Jim Castello; you can't fight with what you DON'T have -- gota use what you do
ken kemper
I don't see how I missed this incredible photo..........but I did.

I must have been sick that week or something when you submitted it.
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