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82-1071 — - 2/6/2015 RedFlag 15-1 "Spirit of Mississippi"
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82-1071 —

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2/6/2015 RedFlag 15-1 "Spirit of Mississippi"


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Gavin Hughes
Think I'm beginning to get a better appreciation for the look of the B2. Great shot.
Diana Rose
A Great Angle.
ken kemper
Sleek Photo Robin..........
Neil Klapthor
Devilish looking aircraft...always reminds me of a bat.
Nice shot!
Dale Sears
Nice picture. This aircraft is all business !
Jeff Long
Flew that last 4 Aug 2005. Love the Beast!
Richard Freytag
Beautiful bird...my wife had the opportunity to work on the B2 with Boeing at Plant 42 in Palmdale CA. Great experience!
What an incredible contrast to the 'Warthog' shown in the previous picture. The variety of aerodynamic 'shapes' to satisfy a particular military mission is just awesome! (And that includes the 'BUFF'!)

Great shot of the B2!!
It should be noted that the flying wing design is the most efficient aircraft design.
Moreover, the popular tubular airframes with attached wings, vertical and horizontal stabilizers are grossly inefficient designs comparatively.
I've not studied or researched why all commercial aircraft are not flying wings.
I would assume, as a pilot and airplane fanatic, that most passengers like myself prefer the view outside while we're flying; and, that consideration affects profitability.
David Plummer
Robert Mills - While the flying wing is an efficient design, it is also one that has some serious control challenges. I've expressed on another picture of this plane that it would be interesting to know how much of the development cost was attributed to the flight control issues. The tube and wing design used for commercial aircraft, while not as aerodynamically efficient is a relatively simple structure. I can't prove it, but I suspect that flight control issue accounted for a large chunk of development costs. If so, it would explain why commercial aircraft design hasn't gone down this path... .yet. Over the years, I have seen some prototype models of flying wings but there are no indications that they will become commercially viable in the near term.
Amazing..!!!! Very nice..
Nate Tobik
The B-2 bomber is one of my favorite planes. It looks like a bird!!! Nice Shot!!!
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