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Airbus A340-300

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Richard Seuters
Can't see the engines :-)
Martin Allan
Maybe so, but I can see that the in flight snack has been distributed!
Jerome Tre
I love parallel approaches.
manuel silvaPhoto Uploader
Dan Chiasson
Ahhh, so this is the design source for winglets.
“You are in restricted space, follow me”
mark dailey
"Go pelican" Tony Montana
Jim Smirh
"Birds of a feather"? Which one is most closely related to "Condor"?
Peter Sayers
It can't fly very much longer. Its fully feather'd
Leander Williams
Bird. "That's a funny looking creature. No feathers." Plane - "Center you're not going to believe this. Are we near Jurrasic Island?"
Beautiful shot!
manuel silvaPhoto Uploader
Thanks Hacksaw55
Mike MacDonald
Paul Holden
God is so cool!
manuel silvaPhoto Uploader
Thanks Mike and Paul!
Baruch Klausner
Hey Lufthansa..!! Follow me !! I'll show you the way
Spectacular shot of double approach!
manuel silvaPhoto Uploader
Thanks B9E9R9T9 and all you guys for such funny and original comments!
Leon Kay
The pelican appears yo have a slightly longer wing span]
Joseph Immermann
THAT is COOL!! Nice shot! I'll happily look at pictures of aircraft all day but I do so enjoy a picture with a different perspective. Well done Manuel!
manuel silvaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Joseph for your kind remark.
Nice framing. And you have an amazing Flightaware portfolio. You should be able to sell some. Gracias for sharing.
manuel silvaPhoto Uploader
Thank you anlelmc for your kind words. My porfolio only prooves how lucky I´ve been. Gracias amigo!
Mark Weiser
Nice shot! truly in the exact spot when you had to be! Kudos
manuel silvaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Mark!
Жаль что в самелете нет отпугиватель птиц.
Я что-то птиц стала ненавидеть!
Amir Begloei
Love it :)
manuel silvaPhoto Uploader
Thank you much Amir!


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