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Gavin Hughes
So lucky to see one and as you said, with its low landing speed, plenty of time to get pics. How's the memory card capacity going - lol.
Joan WilliamsPhoto Uploader
Yep Gavin! It is a great airplane to get pics of! Thanks for commenting!
ken kemper

A unique aircraft and great pic.

Very nice and a good weekend to you.
Where is the nose gear? Or do they do a balancing act?
Karl Scribner
That IS the nose gear showing, the port side main gear is juxtaposed and barely visible right behind it.....better seen on at least a tablet if not full screen monitor...
Joseph Immermann
It is really fun seeing aircraft on here that I would likely never see otherwise. Thanks for sharing.
Joan WilliamsPhoto Uploader
@Ken Kemper Thanks Ken for commenting. You have a really nice profile and I am really glad you enjoyed the photo!

@ Joseph Immerman
Thanks! Glad you like it...
Joan WilliamsPhoto Uploader
For more info: https://www.shinmaywa.co.jp/aircraft/english/us2/us2_capability.html
C.W. Reed
Excellent shots of a rare bird! 5 stars ++++!! You have my utmost respect, Dean!:-) Cheers!

Joan WilliamsPhoto Uploader
C.W. Reed. Thanks, glad you liked it! You will see some more pics coming!
Gary Fennewald
Joan, Thanks for posting the manufacturer's web site. It has some details on the company's emergence from WWII, the STOL technology, design features to manage water spray, a comparison with other amphibians and a video of takeoff. Definitely more fun to browse than another covid-19 story. Nice picture.
Joan WilliamsPhoto Uploader
Thanks Gary Fennewald,
Glad you liked the link. Agreed it is much better than looking at the newspaper with YET ANOTHER story about a surge or blah, blah. Regards from Japan.
Robert Cowling
Yes, the front gear disappear in front of the rear gear, plus the hull helps hide things too. A couple of second, either way, and all three gear would be obvious.
Joan WilliamsPhoto Uploader
Yes, spot on Robert.


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