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Boeing 727-100 (N311AG)

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#N311AG a private B727-017(RE)(WL) (ln 858 / cn 20512) on final to Rwy 16R on 11.20.18. The aircraft was diverted to KPAE due to fog at KSEA.


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Chris Partin
Viv Pike
Chris, your enthusiasm is welcomed, but please try to stop with the all capital letters on most of your comments. It hurts my eyes ;)
Thanks for the standing ovation Chris!!
Brian Buckley
nice catch leland
Tyler Emtage
Wow! Amazing shot!!!
Thanks Brian and Tyler. Just luck I was there to get fotos of it.
Lewis Tripp
Thanks for the clap.
Lewis Tripp
It looks brand new.
Sweet. One of my Favs. A 100 with dash 9's could climb at .86. Rocket ship.
Jim Smith
Impressive indeed! Winglets too. Is that one of the old ships that NASA used to research winglets? Once when I was young I worked as an Electrical inspector at the Boeing plant at KRNT. I can still remember some of the wire bundle routing and ground locations.
Alan Hume
One of the classics from the Boeing stable and a beautiful photo of the venerable B-727. So right for its times, altho the sight of winglets is a bit hard to take, but it just adds to the overall fluidity of its lovely lines. Aaaah! Leland you've made my day!


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