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FlightAware Data Reports

Powerful insight from the world's largest flight tracking data company.

Reports are delivered in standard formats such as TSV (tab separated values) or CSV (comma separated values) format that can be easily opened with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or a similar spreadsheet or database application. Each flight is shown on a separate row and includes aircraft type, origin and destination information, departure and arrival times, and total time en route.

Rapid Reports
Rapid Reports
Individual airport and aircraft history reports delivered via email in under an hour.
Custom Reports
Informação Personalizada
Bespoke reports for any project size and scope. Our data analytics experts work with you to identify the right combination of data to meet your needs.
Data Sources
FlightAware's proprietary machine learning and rules engine fuses thousands of data sources around the world to provide the most accurate and comprehensive flight tracking intelligence. Learn why our data is trusted by over 10,000 aircraft operators and service companies.
Learn About Data Sources

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