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Ground collision at Singapore Changi Airport between Emirates A380 and Scoot 787 during the night.

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A Scoot Boeing 787 Dreamliner and an Emirates Airbus A380 came into contact in the early hours of Thursday (March 30) at Singapore Changi Airport. A Scoot spokesman said flight #TZ188, bound for Tianjin, China, was taxiing before take-off when the accident happened at 1.40am. All 303 passengers and 11 crew are safe and they were put on a replacement aircraft for a rescheduled flight at around 6am. The left wing of the Scoot plane came into contact with the Emirates aircraft. The damaged plane is… (www.airlive.net) Mais...

Global 7000 hits M0.995 in high-speed tests

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Bombardier has flown the Global 7000 prototype at speeds up to Mach 0.995 five months after launching the flight test programme, the company says on 29 March. In becoming the largest business jet to come within five-thousandths of a Mach number below supersonic speed, the achievement shows the Global 7000 flight envelope is expanding. (www.theglobeandmail.com) Mais...

Embraer holds E195-E2 timeline after early first flight

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Embraer's biggest passenger jet ever took to the skies more than three months ahead of schedule on Wednesday, giving the world's third-largest commercial planemaker more time to refine the aircraft before it enters service in early 2019. John Slattery, head of commercial aviation for Embraer, said in an interview that the Brazilian company was maintaining its delivery timeline after a "very successful" first flight for the E195-E2, which was originally scheduled for the second half of… (finance.yahoo.com) Mais...