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Trying to find out when this photo was taken? I work for Kalitta and fly this airplane. Trying to see if it was me that day! Sweet pic!

Written on 25/02/2017 by Tyler Helm

I believe that this is a 733. Great, now trump is infecting GRR.

Written on 25/02/2017 by Isaac Vogelzang

Thank you Alan !

Written on 25/02/2017 by John Marotta

Can Anybody help me to identify this anonymous white A320?

Written on 25/02/2017 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione

Lake Central, How do I love thee, let me count the ways. But when I begin to dream, it becomes the nightmare of all nightmares! Nord supplied and sold a number of their French built turbine driven air craft to Lake Central. Trouble was the fan's blades, because of poor quality control, tended to want to go in directions not on the flight plan. They were multi colored pretty things ---wish I could recall the planes's moniker---but I do recall a bunch of us in and out of the old Midway that cringed just brushing up against the ships!............CTP

Written on 25/02/2017 by Charles Peele

This is my photo; I must have uploaded this and my others before( my apologies!

Written on 25/02/2017 by Jim Newton


Written on 25/02/2017 by John Wallach

Thank you Cliff! I have shot 33 of the 60' models and 19 of the 61' models. I keep a list of the BUFF'S I have shot in my iPad because my Mac or iPad and camera are always with me. Of course there are multiple shots of almost all the aircraft but if you ever see a page with the same tail number and they look like the same shot, look close and you will find some kind of modification on it like new antennas or with or without its weapons pods.

Written on 25/02/2017 by ppick

what a Biplan

Written on 25/02/2017 by Joel Lefevre

Never had an issue refueling them. I use to work the south ramp at MDW midnights. I'd refuel about 12 each night. No problems.

Written on 25/02/2017 by Evilus

Was this taken at the Smithsonian?

Written on 25/02/2017 by Paul Chrzanowski

Looks almost like a model in a diorama......very nice

Written on 25/02/2017 by Richard Ashley


Written on 25/02/2017 by Isaac Vogelzang

Starting the Canarsie Climb?

Written on 25/02/2017 by Isaac Vogelzang

Tomás is an established reputable aviation photographer. There is no airplane model here or in any of his other posts. What you are seeing, as Cliff states, is his signature photo work. Another great shot.

Written on 25/02/2017 by Dave Sheehy

Excellent shot Tomás as usual, 5*

Written on 25/02/2017 by Dave Sheehy

Excellent picture! 5*

Written on 25/02/2017 by Dave Sheehy

I love the F-5S What a great memories

Written on 25/02/2017 by Saleh Alrafedah

Parfaite !

Written on 25/02/2017 by olgphot

hi there. i would like to say something more for this photo. firstly i want to appreciate elaref so much for the comments. this shot was done at Al Ain Air Championship 2015 in al ain, abu dhabi, uae. i took about 1200 photos at this event. it was very lucky that i shot it at the right moment. and i just used nikon d300s and af-s ed 70-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 g if-ed. 1/1250s, f5.6, iso200. this photo was only cropped.

Written on 25/02/2017 by FU GENG

I know but Flightaware only recognizes GLF5 as a valid aircraft type when uploading a photo.

Written on 25/02/2017 by rwb2112

Gary... you did it again... "5" stars!!!

Written on 25/02/2017 by cliff731

B.S. squad??? What on earth are you talking about? Tomás was no doubt shooting with top notch photo equipment using a very fast shutter speed. Most all of his photos are taken in the same area... same airports... and his work simply has a "signature" appearance. Hence the same background "look".

Written on 25/02/2017 by cliff731

"5" stars and many thanks to Paul for his dedicated endeavors to capture photo images of these grand U.S.A.F. B-52 birds!!!

Written on 25/02/2017 by cliff731

big thanks to you all for your enjoying

Written on 25/02/2017 by FU GENG


Written on 25/02/2017 by Lionel Tapsoba

Still a beauty even after all of these years.

Written on 25/02/2017 by Dave Nosek

First time I've seen a five bladed prop on a Piper Meridian...

Written on 25/02/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

FA rejects "T50S" as unknown model.

Written on 25/02/2017 by flangeneer


Written on 25/02/2017 by Bob Harrington

WOW what a stupid name for an airline!

Written on 25/02/2017 by n9341c

Yes, apparently a C-130 in landing config with all the engines off and unfeathered. This guy posts pics likes this all with virtually the same background. I'm calling the BS squad.

Written on 25/02/2017 by n9341c

This is a nicely done picture of an airplane model.

Written on 25/02/2017 by n9341c

Oh my god a Muammar Gaddafi look alike convention?

Written on 25/02/2017 by n9341c

They fly over my house every other day here in Reno.

Written on 25/02/2017 by ANGELO DROUTSAS

Excellent photo and what a fun livery!

Written on 25/02/2017 by Alan BigSky

Doug, I appreciate the link. It clarifies the reason 79-0478 was written off (from a semantics viewpoint, "damaged beyond repair' is different from "destroyed" although they both mean its flying days were finished). More than that; tho, the info provided in your link also pinpoints what actually happened at Baghdad. TYVM for posting the link, Doug. (Wave)

Written on 24/02/2017 by Gary Schenauer

Old Federal Express Falcon 20s?

Written on 24/02/2017 by Nate Rasband

great shot, I like how its been focused on the plane and blurred background

Written on 24/02/2017 by Nate Rasband

What is happening here?

Written on 24/02/2017 by Frank Swain

Nice job.

Written on 24/02/2017 by Leszek Stolarz

Greg, you should see the one I took of Daniel on the beach while he was taking the picture of us, lol. Great timing.

Written on 24/02/2017 by Ed Rod

Yes, have shot this aircraft several times and it was very plain. The new paint is sharp!

Written on 24/02/2017 by ppick

It could have been taken at the air show in Dubai.

It's an awesome shot of a rarely seen demo team.

Written on 24/02/2017 by Doug Zalud

Uau . . .

Written on 24/02/2017 by Israel Anderson Felipe

Outstanding! Way more than 5***** !

Written on 24/02/2017 by Dave Sheehy

Cool! Very nice Mad Dog- 5*

Written on 24/02/2017 by Dave Sheehy

An amazing piece of art!! Thanks for posting.

Written on 24/02/2017 by donhoman

Tricky to refuel, pressurized tanks too, my co worker put one on it's tip tank once. The baby C-130, great handling machine, fast, with a bad reputation for no reason. Actually sports a reversed engineered landing gear from the F-104. Beautiful paint job!

Written on 24/02/2017 by Sidney Smith

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