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Muslim woman forced off United Airlines flight
After passing through regular security checks at Newark Liberty International Airport on her way to a holiday in Istanbul, Kameelah Rasheed was called for further questioning b (more)
[Video] F-16 Low-Level Cockpit Footage with Radio Audio
Cockpit footage from an F-16 during low-level and formation flying, with radio audio included. (more)
Boeing 737 makes crash-landing at Mexico City airport
The landing gear collapsed on a Boeing 737 as it landed at Mexico City’s international airport, authorities have said. Emergency crews rushed to the runway after the plane’s (more)
Virgin Atlantic creates Virgin Atlantic International subsidiary for Caribbean ops.
UK long-haul specialist Virgin Atlantic has set up a new subsidiary to operate services to the Caribbean. The new subsidiary, Virgin Atlantic International (VAI), has been gra (more)
Video: S-400 air defence system deployed in Syria
Russia has operationalised a battery of S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft weapon system in its Syrian airbase in Latakia. (more)
Russian Strategic Bombers strike ISIS targets
Russia intensified its air strikes against ISIS following confirmation that an onboard bomb explosion caused the Metrojet flight to crash over Sinai, in Egypt on Oct 31. (more)


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