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NATA Aims To Improve Misfueling Awareness

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On August 27 last year a Cessna 421C on a medevac flight crashed on initial climb out of Las Cruces, N.M., killing the pilot, two medical workers and the patient. Less than six months later, that sequence was repeated when a Piper PA-46 Malibu went down just after takeoff from Felts Field Airport in Spokane, Wash., killing the lone occupant. (www.ainonline.com) Mais...

Hawker 800 Crash after Interception from Colombia Air Force

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An unidentified Hawker 800 jet crashed into the waters off Puerto Colombia, Colombia after being intercepted by a Colombian Air Force plane after illegally flying into Colombian airspace. The aircraft departed had from Venezuela and was bound for Central America. Video footage released by the Colombian Air Force show the Hawker's nr.2 engine on fire as it descended over sea. The aircraft impacted the water and broke up. At the scene of the crash a still undetermined number of packages were… (www.aviation-safety.net) Mais...

FlightAware Targets Remote Markets to Expand Global Flight Tracking Innovation

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FlightAware is continuing to expand the capabilities of its global flight tracking and flight data technology. (www.aviationtoday.com) Mais...

Delta Takes Delivery of the First 242 Ton Airbus A330

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Today, Delta Air Lines took delivery of the first ever Airbus A330-300 with a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 242 tons. This improved variant of the A330, known as the “A330-300 242T”, allows airlines to fly with higher payloads (more passengers & cargo) on longer routes more efficiently than ever before. (wp.me) Mais...

A Singapore Airlines Airbus jet lost power on all of its engines mid-flight

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Over the weekend, Singapore Airlines Flight 836, flying from Singapore to Shanghai, lost power mid-flight on both of its Rolls-Royce engines. (www.businessinsider.com) Mais...

FlightSimCon Set for June 13, 14

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FlightSimCon returns for it's third year, taking place at the New England Air Museum at Bradley International Airport, just north of Hartford, CT, USA. Attendance is expected from Aerosoft, Saitek, Dovetail, VATSIM, PC Pilot, Boston Virtual ATC, amongst other organizations. (www.aopa.org) Mais...

Singapore Has the Most Beautiful Airport in the World

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Changi Airport in Singapore has kept the title of World’s Best Airport for three years in a row, thanks in part to its numerous entertainment and leisure options, hundreds of shopping and dining outlets, and plenty of kid-friendly activities. But one other thing makes their terminals stand out from the competition: the gardens. (mentalfloss.com) Mais...

Airbus unveils first H160 helicopter prototype

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Airbus Helicopters today unveiled the first prototype of its next generation H160 medium class helicopter in the presence of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. (www.aviationanalysis.net) Mais...

Southwest Rushes Woman Home to Son in Coma

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Southwest Airlines says that it empowers its employees to make important decisions on the spot. (Photo: AP) Southwest Airlines went above and beyond the call of duty to rush a woman home to her ill son earlier this month. (www.yahoo.com) Mais...

Malaysia Airlines to fly A380 on Sydney-Kuala Lumpur route

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Malaysia Airlines will fly its A380 on the Sydney-Kuala Lumpur route, but only for the next two weeks :( (www.ausbt.com.au) Mais...

Pilot of plane intoxicated at time of crash, Florida airport official says

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Christopher Hall arrested after crash at Melbourne, FL airport (www.clickorlando.com) Mais...


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