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Boeing Upgrades to Keep B-1 Bomber Soaring for Decades to Come

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ABILENE, Texas, April 30, 2015 – The Boeing [NYSE: BA] B-1B Lancer celebrates its soon to be 30th anniversary with the U.S. Air Force at Dyess Air Force Base this week – marking one of many milestones in a legacy that will continue long into the future as Boeing’s B-1 team ushers the supersonic bomber into the digital age with new upgrades. The latest upgrade, a trio of updates known as the integrated battle station, are ensuring the B-1 meets today’s mission requirements and further establishes… (boeing.mediaroom.com) Mais...

Battle Shapes up Over Video Cameras in Airline Cockpits

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The many entities involved are on the move to revisit this debate. (www.wsj.com) Mais...

Pratt and Whitney Exec: We're Going Ahead with F-35 Engine

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When questioned, Exec evasive as to cost associated with the program (www.bloomberg.com) Mais...

Small Plane takes off without pilot, crashes; no one injured.

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Prop start goes bad with girlfriend in plane that collides with building. (www.washingtontimes.com) Mais...

Canada sends DART team to quake ravaged Nepal

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OTTAWA -- Members of Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team will be deployed immediately to earthquake-stricken Nepal, federal officials announced on Saturday. DART members from Canadian Forces Base Trenton will be heading to Nepal, along with civilian political and humanitarian personnel from Foreign Affairs. (www.ctvnews.ca) Mais...

6 Incredible Airport Runways

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Because runways are in constant demand due to the increase in travel, airports sometimes have to get creative with how they extend and manage aircraft landings. Here are six unique runways from around the world. (aviationweek.com) Mais...

"Tesla in the skies": Airbus to build E-Fan electric plane, due for take-off in 2017

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Airbus hopes to do for aviation what Tesla has done for motoring as the aircraft manufacturer commits to building its all-electric E-Fan plane. (www.ausbt.com.au) Mais...


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