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6 yr old starts up EC145 at Mankato (KMKT)Air Show

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Freak happening, when a 6 year old child managed to start up an EC145 on Saturday, June 27, 2015 (www.startribune.com) Mais...

FAA Approves License for Houston Spaceport

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The Houston Spaceport will be the 10th licensed commercial spaceport location in the nation. (www.khou.com) Mais...

Female airline pilots wish more women would join them

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It's a career above the clouds, a sky full of opportunity. So America's female airline pilots have one question: Why aren't there more of us? "There have been women airline pilots for decades. But it is not a warm and fuzzy profession," says Karen Guadagni, 49, of St. Joseph, who is a captain for ExpressJet on flights for United and Delta airlines. In her 14 years as a pilot, Guadagni estimates that she has been paired with another woman only about 20 times on the flight deck. (www.freep.com) Mais...

Airbus inks $18 bn deal to sell China 75 A330s

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Airbus inks $18 bn deal to sell China 75 A330s........................................... (news.yahoo.com) Mais...

A Billionaire Just Spent £400 Million Pimping Out A Boeing 747-8i

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Welcome aboard the custom-built plane that makes Air Force One look like The Wright Brothers’ first effort. These extraordinary images show an enormous jumbo jet that has been converted into a luxury home for a mystery billionaire. (www.viralthread.com) Mais...

'Top Gun' Sequel to Put Maverick in the Pilot's Seat Again

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If you’re feeling the need for some speed, then you’re in luck: During the Berlin press day for Terminator Genisys last week, Skydance Productions’ David Ellison and Dana Goldberg provided some intel on the status of the sequel to the 1986 fighter-ace blockbuster Top Gun. (www.yahoo.com) Mais...

Bomb threat reported on Saskatoon-bound WestJet flight

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Another WestJet flight — the third in the past week — has received a bomb threat. WestJet reported its Toronto to Saskatoon flight received the threat late Tuesday evening. Flight 323 landed safely at the John Diefenbaker airport in Saskatoon, WestJet reported. (www.cbc.ca) Mais...

6 WestJet passengers injured after their flight was diverted to Winnipeg

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Six passengers were injured after a WestJet flight from Edmonton to Toronto was diverted to Winnipeg on Monday night due to an unspecified threat. The airline says the passengers from Flight 442 were injured during the emergency evacuation from the aircraft, which landed at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson Airport at 8:40 pm CT Monday. (www.cbc.ca) Mais...

In the making of: Vietnam Airlines’ first A350 XWB: Process

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The first A350 XWB for Vietnam Airlines takes shape in this video clip, which highlights the delivery of components, assembly, painting and other key production steps, and concludes with the milestone widebody jetliner in flight. (youtube.com) Mais...

Emirates A388 diverts to Colombo fumes in cabin area

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A Emirates Airbus A388 from NZAA to YSSY then continuing onto Dubai was diverted to Colombo in Sir Lanka after fumes were reported though out the cabin areas of the aircraft. The flight had just left YSSY/SYD and was at FL35000 when the pilots had raised concerns about the smell of fumes coming into the cabin areas. The flight continued on wards and then the crew decided to divert to Colombo after more complaints had come from the passengers during the flight. I do not understand why they didn't… (www.nzherald.co.nz) Mais...

Airbus wins $1.3 billion South Korean airborne tanker deal

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SEOUL, South Korea • South Korea said Tuesday that it has decided to buy four military airborne refueling tankers from European aerospace giant Airbus Defense and Space for $1.3 billion. (www.stltoday.com) Mais...

Airbus delivers Vietnam Airlines' first Airbus A350

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Vietnam Airlines has become the second airline in the world to operate the all-new A350 XWB, following a special ceremony in Toulouse today. (www.aviationanalysis.net) Mais...

Maiden Flight for Pilatus PC-24

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The Pilatus PC-24 mid-light business jet made its first flight at Buochs Airport, Stans, in Switzerland on May 11. (www.aviation-news.co.uk) Mais...


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