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A Boeing 757 landed on the blue-ice runway in Antarctica for the first time

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A Boeing 757 landed on the blue-ice runway in Antarctica for the first time (mashable.com) Mais...

[Video] F-16 Low-Level Cockpit Footage with Radio Audio

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Cockpit footage from an F-16 during low-level and formation flying, with radio audio included. (www.youtube.com) Mais...

Singapore Airlines Upgrades Pilot Training After Houston Incident

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Singapore Airlines is putting its pilots through “more-demanding” simulator and crew resource-management training, following a loss-of-separation incident involving a company Boeing 777-300ER on climb out from Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport in July ... (aviationweek.com) Mais...

FAA to Propose Safety Fixes for Certain Boeing and Embraer Jets

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The FAA is moving to require U.S. operators of certain versions of the popular Boeing 737 model to check for possible corrosion of attachments for the horizontal stabilizer, part of the tail section. (www.wsj.com) Mais...

Rolls-Royce Changes Aftermarket Support To Foster Competition

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Rolls-Royce sells about 90% of its Trent engines with aftermarket-support packages, and this has contributed to criticism over the past several years that it has a more-closed aftermarket network than competitors. In the last month, however, it has announced changes to try to dispel the anti-competitive ... (aviationweek.com) Mais...


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