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LATAM Receives the First A320neo in South America and the Fourth A350 XWB

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The A320neo is the first that will be operated in the Americas and in Brazil. Already the A350 XWB is the fourth aircraft came to compose the fleet of LATAM, this A350 coming straight from the factory Airbus with a new configuration of cabin adopted by the LATAM Group. Both the aircraft landed at Confins Airport / Belo Horizonte ends between yesterday and today. (cmsherbert.blogspot.com) Mais...

How The Airforce Almost Brought Back The P-51 Mustang

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Today’s pilots are expensively trained and politically expensive to lose. A pilot lost over Serbia or Syria has major diplomatic repercussions, which is why drones are becoming the aircraft of choice. The Air Force does like its high-priced jets, and cost is a lingering issue for hundred-million-dollar aircraft like the F-35. But while a propeller-driven aircraft might be useful to organizations like Special Operations Command that fight small wars in remote locations, America is not about to… (nationalinterest.org) Mais...


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