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Venture Inside the Command Center of the World’s Largest Airline

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THE WORLD’S BUSIEST airport isn’t in the world’s biggest city. It’s in Atlanta, a great southern city that by dint of accident and capitalism sits, metaphorically speaking, at the center of the map. (www.wired.com) Mais...

Iran Air courts SriLankan over unwanted A350s, codeshare

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Iran’s Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan, says Iran Air (IR, Tehran Mehrabad) has yet to make a decision concerning the possible lease of three A350-900s from SriLankan Airlines (UL, Colombo Int'l). (www.ch-aviation.com) Mais...

Cessa 150 landing at Georga golf course

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Engine failure on take off at low altitude. Young pilot was able to land on the golf course with minimal damage and no injuries. (www.fox5atlanta.com) Mais...

Winter runway condition descriptions updated

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Airport reports noting winter runway conditions and expected braking action will be clearer for pilots landing and taking off after Oct. 1 when more concise terms and new procedures take effect. (aopa.org) Mais...

ADS-B advances, advantages....See, be seen, save money

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The prospect of a $500 rebate for installing Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out equipment is far from the only reason to equip sooner than later. The benefits of this new technology are sometimes overlooked. (aopa.org) Mais...

Alaska Air unveils special 737 painted to honor Boeing's centennial

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Alaska Airlines took delivery of a specially painted Boeing 737 on Thursday that’s part of an effort to help Boeing celebrate its 100th anniversary. The Boeing 737-900ER, officially dubbed "Celebration of Boeing," sports a paint scheme that pays homage to Boeing’s centennial year and to Alaska Air’s long history with the jetmaker. (www.usatoday.com) Mais...


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