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The tail of RAF 41(R) Test & Evaluation Squadron Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 ZK315.
The design for the 41 Squadron 100th Anniversary Tail is aimed to reflect elements of 41’s past, current and future.
The tail colours reflect 41’s heritage with the reverse colours of the cross of St Omer which was adopted as their Squadron crest when the Squadron was first formed on the 14th July 1916. These colours have throughout 41’s history been a mainstay in all anniversary tails and continued into this 100th year. The cross is not fully upright and this is to depict the squadron in their current role as a Test and Evaluation squadron with the work being carried out to expand and push Typhoon forward and the Royal Air Force at the forefront of air capability.
Along the rudder of ZK315 are aircraft that have been significant in 41’s history. There were many aircraft to choose from and a very limited place on the Tail to occupy. The aircraft depicted from top to bottom are: the Airco D.H.2 (the first aircraft flown by 41 over the Western Front and Somme battlefields at the early stages of the First World War when flight and airpower were new technology being tested on the battlefields of Europe), the Hawker Fury (one of the main aircraft used between wars and the last Bi Plane used by 41 Squadron before the outbreak of war and the Battle of Britain), the Spitfire (with this being the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, this was an easy choice along with 41 Squadron being one of the main squadrons involved as part of ‘The Few’.
During the war 41 Squadron flew 8 different variants of Spitfire up to the Mk F21 in 1946). The Gloster Meteor is fourth ( which was The first Jet fighter in the Royal Air Force and 41 Squadron were outfitted with these in 1951, another significant milestone after the propeller driven monoplanes of the 40’s and Bi Planes of the 30’s) followed by The Jaguar (which was a pivotal aircraft along with Tornado during the First Gulf War and 41 Squadron were at the frontline defending Iraqi Kurds. In 1993 the first bomb dropped in anger on Europe after the Second World War was by a 41 Squadron Jaguar in Operations over Bosnia). The last two aircraft are 41’s current and future roles ensuring Tornado continues in the RAF until retirement and the future capabilities of Typhoon for the RAF.
Emblazoned along the top and bottom of the tail are the Battle Honours that reflect 41 Squadrons Standard. Along with 1916 St Omer where 41 Squadron first started and their current location RAF Conningsby.


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