Take advantage of FlightAware's live e-mail and text message flight alerts

Quarta-feira, 14 de Março de 2007 14:00
Last updated 10 years ago.
FlightAware continues to release improvements to the live e-mail and text message flight alerts. Users can receive live updates about flight plan filings (including expected IFR route), departures, arrivals, and diversions.

If you don't already use flight alerts, simply click "alert me" on any flight page (at the top of the tracking box) or visit http://flightaware.com/live/alerts/ to manage your alerts.

Make sure that your contact information in your profile is up to date, including your cell phone email address if you wish to receive mobile alerts. If you don't know your phone's email address, click "What's my cell phone e-mail address?" next to the "Mobile E-mail Address" form.

Thanks for using FlightAware!