FlightAware Releases High-Resolution Satellite Mapping, Live Updating Maps

Terça-feira, 21 de Outubro de 2014 02:00
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ORLANDO AND HOUSTON (October 21, 2014) – FlightAware today announced major improvements to FlightAware.com flight tracking maps including live updating flight positions, the ability to view all flights in an area, improved map imagery, and graphical display of FAA temporary flight restrictions (TFRs).
New features available today include:

High Resolution Mapping Imagery (Satellite, Terrain, Street)

All FlightAware.com maps now support high-resolution satellite imagery and multiplecolors of terrain and street maps. Users can choose different layers by selecting the drop-down in the upper right corner of any map to select either: Terrain - Light, Terrain - Dark, Streets - Light, Streets - Dark, or Satellite. FlightAware's worldwide, high-resolution satellite imagery is made from the highest quality satellite imagery available and allows zooming all the way to the runway surface.


All FlightAware users can now view United States Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) on FlightAware maps. Users can enable the TFR layer by clicking the "+" in the upper right corner of any map, then check the "TFR" layer. Current and future published TFRs will then be drawn on US maps as red polygons. Hovering over a TFR displays the description and clicking on it redirects the user to the FAA web site with full details on the flight restriction.

Nearby Flights

Users can now view all nearby flights when tracking a flight; FlightAware will display all of the air traffic around the flight(s) being tracked. Users can simply click the "+" in the upper right corner of the map and check the "Nearby Flights" checkbox. Nearby flights will automatically load and display the airplane icons on the map. Users can hover over a flight for more information, or click on it to go to a flight's tracking page.

Live Update

Airplane positions update are “pushed” to the web browser and update in real-time without needing to wait for the map to reload. As new data is available, the airplane will move across the map to show the newest position.


All new features except high resolution mapping are available for free on FlightAware.com.

High resolution mapping is included for free with any FlightAware Premium account (starting at $19.95/month), FlightAware Global / Selective Unblocking (starting at $60/month), and is available on the FlightAware TV Fleet or Airport maps.


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