FlightAware Reaches New Heights with MLAT Aircraft Tracking

Terça-feira, 17 de Novembro de 2015 07:00
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LAS VEGAS – November 17, 2015 – FlightAware is announcing a major innovation in global flight tracking with its launch of multilateration (MLAT) tracking of aircraft without ADS-B, an industry first for business aviation.

Leveraging FlightAware’s network of over 4,000 receivers in more than 110 countries, FlightAware now offers live flight tracking positions for non-ADS-B equipped aircraft by using multilateration (MLAT) of Mode S transponder signals. When a non-ADS-B aircraft is within line of sight of three or more FlightAware receivers, time difference of arrival (TDOA) MLAT is used to triangulate the position of the aircraft, providing real-time flight positions even where radar data is not available to FlightAware.

Although many new aircraft are delivered with ADS-B and can be tracked with only one FlightAware receiver, many business aircraft operating globally do not emit ADS-B positions. These aircraft can now leverage FlightAware’s MLAT network for real-time positions.

MLAT is currently available with about 2,000 existing receivers in the FlightAware network throughout Western Europe, over 40 states in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Eastern Australia, and New Zealand. Additional coverage will be added in December 2015. MLAT will be made available within all FlightAware products.

Related New Developments

Flight Plan Advisories: FlightAware Global customers can now input schedules into FlightAware’s Flight Plan Advisory Service web page. Subsequent positions received from that aircraft via RADAR, datalink, ADS-B, or MLAT automatically activate the flight plan and enable worldwide flight tracking.

Position-Only Flights: For flights without a flight plan (such as VFR repositioning flights), FlightAware can now synthesize a flight plan based on positions received from RADAR, datalink, ADS-B, or MLAT, which allows real- time tracking of unscheduled operations.

About FlightAware

FlightAware (flightaware.com) is the largest flight tracking and flight data company in the world. FlightAware provides operational flight tracking services and data feeds by fusing data from the air traffic control (ATC) system in over 50 countries, FlightAware’s worldwide ground station network of over 4,000 receivers in over 110 countries, and VHF/satcom ACARS data link networks. FlightAware provides services to over 10,000 business aviation aircraft around the world. Founded in 2005, FlightAware is privately held and has offices in Houston and New York.

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