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China Warns Students of Long Interrogations and Harassment at U.S. Airports

On January 29, the Chinese Embassy warned Chinese students studying in the U.S. to avoid entering Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). Wang Wenbin, a foreign ministry spokesman, claimed that dozens of Chinese students with valid travel documents were interrogated, harassed, and had their electronic devices inspected. China condemned the United States's interrogation and harassment of Chinese students and ensured it will continue to protect its citizens. ( More...

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China complaining about a lack of privacy over here, that's ripe.
Do NOT play the Piano...if you do have a Winnie the Poo handy.
IFlyUBuy 4
Hah! I know what that's about!
We were at Grand Canyon, Horse Shoe Bend and Kanab a few weeks ago. The Chinese were EVERYWHERE. The odd thing is, they thought they were still in China and would just toss their trash down where ever they were. It was very bad at Horseshoe. Wrappers, papers and on and on, all with Chinese writing on it. I have been to quote President was a "Sh*thole". Was there for a small Triathlon....most of us had the sense to NOT get in the oil slick water. That nation is a dump, maybe but for small areas near Chengdu.
On January 29, the Chinese Embassy warned Chinese students spying in the U.S. to avoid entering Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).
Fixed it for you.
Alan Glover 2
In at least some or many cases, this is undoubtedly true.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

The PRC outman our cyber warriors by 50 to 1.

It is their clear intent to occupy the world if not militarily, with belt and road and with the help of globalists backstopped by the Western left.

It IS a conundrum when it is far more difficult for a Westerner to operate clandestinely in the PRC than the other way around because we do not want to give up our liberties and behave towards our citizens the way the CCP treats theirs.

Absolutely go over these "students" with a fine-toothed comb. Any American in the PRC risks lengthy jail sentences (and worse) on manufactured charges.
Cleffer 13
Thousands of Chinese coming over the southern border and there's this...
Nooge 1
Yeah we let thousands and thousands of them in on fights from China after they had a COVID outbreak

They were far more dangerous and costly than the ones coming in today
Alan Glover -1
You absolutely do not know that.

The covid scare was used to consolidate state power (I'm in Canada...average Americans have no idea) regardless the medical issue.

Students in some universities TODAY must have proof of "vaccination" to attend.

There are CCP police stations set up all over the world and Canada has had at least a few elections compromised by CCP operatives.

To think that every Chinese immigrant, legal or otherwise, has the best interests of ANY country they travel to for whatever reason at heart would be naive at best.

The PRC is ramping up its clearly planned invasion of the ROC (Taiwan) and when they do, many of the Chinese citizens here can be counted on to make the defense of the sovereign territory of the ROC more difficult.
Chris Muncy 6
Interesting. Another post to from a NEW FlightAware member of only 7 days and he only posts links to Aeroexplorer..... I firmly believe that web site is using FA for click through impressions.
Chris Muncy 3
Alternate link:
JJ Johnson -9
LOL. I don't recommend anyone flying through Dulles. My wife and I traveled to Scotland last May and our connections on the return took us through Dulles. We left a modern clean European airport in Edinburgh Scotland and stepped into a chaotic, nasty 3rd world dump. Our nation's capital international airport in Dulles is a national embarrassment. But hey at least our DOT dude has a "Husband" and took a bunch of maternity leave because we are so inclusive. America has become a clown show under Biden. A clown show.
Larry Toler 11
"Delay us" hasn't changed much in the last 30 years since I've been using it. There have been many changes, but it's still an old and ugly airport.
tpmorrow 2
The clown show started with the nomination of Trump as the Republican candidate; it has nothing to do with Biden.
Alan Glover 3
Trump relied on dei to run the show? Trump reversed tne effective border policies that had the invasion down significantly? Trump reversed the policies that made the US energy independent....and by extension far richer and far more secure? Trump emptied the SPR for political reasons? Trump didn't make NATO pay their fair share? Trump started wars in Ukraine and Gaza and likely Iran to which Trump released billions and lifted sanctions giving that terrorist supporting state the means to kill American service people? Trump left billions in military equipment to the Taliban and left no presence to surveil this failed terrorist state?

ALL Biden. All of it. ;)
If the DOT was in charge of interior decorating at airports, and if a gay guy was in charge of the DOT, Architectural Digest would feature nothing but airports.

Get it right, you relic.
Alan Glover 2
Oo, THAT'S not bigoted at ALL.

Only homosexuals have good taste?

Do better, dude.
Homosexuals have good taste and everyone else has bad taste because our DOT dude has a "Husband" and took a bunch of maternity leave.

You were right, I can do better!
Working in a medical environment day to day, I can promise you that if we start to do pap-smears on genetic men, the results will be shitty.
avionik99 -4
But it would never function as an Airport!

Get it right, you twinkie.
Larry Toler -1
As long as they keep the smoking g lounges at either end of C and D concourses, it would be prettier, lol.
Martie Williams -7
You are obviously gettin g all your "news" from Fox. Why don't you try Googling Biden's impact on our country. I think you're in for a surprise.
Nooge 3
Even Fox "News" is being forced to acknowledge the truth

By Larry Kudlow FOXBusiness

So, we had a blowout jobs report. More than twice the consensus expectation. I know many of my conservative friends are trying to drill holes in it, but you know what folks, it is what it is – a very strong report.

Not every economic stat should be viewed through a political lens. I've been in this business a very long time and sometimes you just have to throw away the ballot box and just recognize the numbers. They are what they are. This was a very strong report. A 353,000 gain in non-farm payrolls is a very big number. The prior two months were revised up by 126,000, another big number and the bottom line here is: more Americans are working. That is a good thing.

Also, a good thing: worker wages continue to improve. Average hourly earnings for production workers – a.k.a. middle-class, blue-collar folks – are now up to 4.8% over the past 12 months and their rate of productivity – that is, output per hour, a very important economic efficiency and growth indicator -- rose 2.7% last year. That is a good number.

So, the workforce is earning its pay hike. Plus, over the past three months, inflation-adjusted real wages increased by 4.5% so typical working families got a nice real wage boost, for a change
Alan Glover 0
When you spend like drunken sailors (and let's not forget the border invasion) that'll def pump up the economy. You don't also suppose the rebound from the disastrous covid lockdowns has anything to do with it, do you?

Ask citisens how they're feeling about their finances. You'll find it's reflected in the current polls.

Those stats ARE good news. At least it is settled that capitalism is responsible despite the wishes of the neomarxists pushing the green nonsense.
Alan Glover 0
Also nice to see you acknowledge Fox's relative fairness. You will see none of the Biden failures on the other networks.

Don't get me wrong. Fox has plenty of news bias. Just look at their ownership. The lads and especially their wives running the show are security state liberals.
swanaero1 -3
Real wages went up by 4.5%. Great my cost of living went up 15%. Print money, get stupid prizes
Alan Glover 0
No one sane relies on the legacy media anymore. While Fox at least tries (lately their RINO on airs are pushing the Ukraine war just like the democrats so there goes your Fox theory)...and that is proven by the ratings.

Hilarious is you think Google doesn't manipulate its algorithms, chiefly influenced by their far left internet vigilantes.

Biden will not be the nominee or the next POTUS. This is clear. Trump is beating him in all the places that count and that's despite the almost 10 year lieathon and freak out by the establishment.....on BOTH sides of the aisle.

The dems may win with a non-far left candidate (Biden wasn't but is a puppet of the neomarxists in charge at the mo...and that doesn't factor in the galactic failing of his cognitive state).

Prepare for another Trump presidency. You are afraid because you know the country will be in far better shape because of it and THAT shatters the thin-as-glass fragility of the leftist mindset. :)
RECOR10 -9
One impact was us closing a medical facility in Illinois, putting about 190 folks out of jobs and creating a "healthcare desert" in an "underserved" community. Fortunately, those of us with advanced degrees and mobility had no issues whatsoever. Those folks on the left get exactly what they voted for. We do of course check voting registration for all potential hires and try our best to not have the enemy within our facilities. If they do - we get rid of them within 90 days.

As for the people in the Chicago area who no longer have a drug store, medical facility, McDonalds and on and on and on. I do not feel bad for them, not one bit.
Nooge 8
Unfortunately, those are some magaverse righty not to tighty with advanced degrees who just cant control their Trumpterdism tendency's to embarrass themselves with inappropriate posts

But most are undereducated ...

Anyone else think an advanced degree from Trump University is accredited or advanced?
ksmith610 2
I simply call them "trumpanzees". They are obviously a lower form of semi-intelligent life.
Alan Glover -1
But someone parroting a lame internet meme is not?
Alan Glover 0
Considering the deleterious wokeism that is now permeating every facet of "advanced" education, it is little wonder
TDS is now a featured oart of that "degree".
ksmith610 2
"RECOR10" is a fine example of the simian sub-species trumpanzee.
Alan Glover -2
Classic leftist folderol. Dehumanize your ideological opponent. The nazis did that to perfection.

See what your TDS has wrought?
RECOR10 -1
The thing is Alan, they never, not ever let facts get into the way of their delusions, opinions and feelings. Facts are just so mean.
ksmith610 -1
"JJ Johnson" = Trumpanzee
Alan Glover -2
Johnson et al said 1000 a day was too much. Now RINOs and dems say 5000/day is groovy.

Mayorkas has been the most dangerous cabinet secretary in US history and this will be proven (if you can't see it yet) by what's coming on tbe home front.
The immigration laws and regulations are known Generally speaking, Any legitimate visitors coming to the United States with a valid passport, a valid visa , a valid student visa and no illegal travel issues should not be harassed or threatened.

Unless there is a good cause to extra screening of an individual, he/ she should not pay the price for political interference and tit- for- tat games .

One should be honored that the people of China has chosen American culture for improving their Education.
Let’s not forget that the people of china brings revenue to America.

What the politicians are doing in D.C should not affect the students seeking an education in our country.

We have an outstanding border patrol officers all over our borders , they know what they’re doing.

Hopefully, we will be able to get along with All the nations of the world now and in the future.
skylab72 2
And they get inoculated with North American Ideas while here.
Carl Staib 0
Have any of ya ever tried to figure out how the island hoppers of five hundred years ago navigated. And no ... It wasn't all by the stars. Did you ever think they knew the Hawaiian were there even before they went looking for them. Well they did. It's all in how you learn to navigate. Today we are spoiled and don't like to look back EXCEPT to what we used to know that has been updated. Just my opinion.


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