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Canada to Build CA$1.9 Billion Sustainable Aviation Fuel Facility in Manitoba

The Canadian province of Manitoba plans to build a CA$1.9 billion sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) facility near the city of Portage la Prairie. In addition, the provincial government of Manitoba and the Government of Canada plan to spend CA$2.9 million on an engineering study for the new facility. ( More...

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True Falcon 3
Another unreadable story due to an incompetently programmed adblock detector:
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Karl Scribner 3
Hurry up and spend the gubbamint money….THEN figure out how to do it.
linbb 3
Seems they have things a little backwards as a study is yet to be done that could affect how its built and where one would think. Also since they are using land that right now produces crops which are in the food supply chain can see food prices going up due to less supply for the demand. This SAF deal is going to affect food prices quite a bit and hurt those who can least afford for it to happen. Green sounds good until it isnt.
Jeraboam 3
The bulk of Manitoba's canola oil production is sold to China which used it as a blackmail lever when it claimed shipments contained some mysterious and unproven contaminants. Millions of dollars were lost over this purely political act so using the oil as a fuel within the province will provide a reliable customer, better prices and no transport costs.
paul gilpin 1
seems like you guys covered it.
i just upvoted all of you.
Tim Dyck 1
So instead of producing food to feed the world farmers will be producing jet fuel for an industry that is costing more and more every year to use. Oh well the rich will still be able to jet away for their vacations in countries that need the food we could have been producing.
Johnny Waldrip 1
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