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American Airlines Set to Open 600-Room Staff-Only Hotel

n October 2015, American Airlines announced their plans to build a new corporate campus next to their existing Fort Worth, Texas campus. Seven years later, the final addition to the new campus is almost completed, with the conference center and employee hotel scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2023. The new campus is named after Robert L. Crandall who served as the CEO of American Airlines from 1985 until 1998. ( More...

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mary susan watkins 2
WELL.. THATS INTERESTING..the old "learning center",as it was called for quite a few years,replaced the flight attendant training facility prior to that..basically it was a nice 1960's version of a college campus dormitory, which had a lovely staircase, where they would take pictures of graduating classes,(flight attendant and agent groups)several downstairs classrooms,a room for makeup and hair classes,a workout room with fitness equipment,a swimming pool and outdoor area with tables,and lots of upstairs rooms for the trainees whether flight attendant or ground personnel,most of which were designed to accommodate more than a couple of people at one was adjacent to the reservations center,niceley landscaped,and also close to the old headquarters building,within a few miles of DFW on the arlington side of the airport..this new facility sounds like a place where american will be "bundling"a training facility,a place for layovers,a conference area for large corporate meetings and maybe a "mini hotel" for people needing a place to stay when attending meetings,conferences with aa or even layovers..the old facility had already been in use to some corporations (no just airlines)as a "mini hotel" rental..of course there was always bus/van service provided for those staying there to get back and forth to the airport..
rdlink 3
Oh man. Wouldn't want to see any UV light shots from that place in a couple of years... LOL
EMK69 2
Years ago, while still in the Corps I had a layover at DFW. Hit the bar with some buds. This jerk at the bar getting drunk and there was something just not right about him. We discussed calling LEO but didn't do it. Later that evening one of our Marines saw him in cuffs being led out. Seems the gent like to hang out in this hotel where the FA laid over. He had assaulted one of them. She was in tears as they led the jackass out. I always felt sorry for her. Good move on AA for some reason seeing her in tears never left my mind.
Ge Ke 1
Bob Shutts 1
The Great Carnack holds the envelope to his head and sees many marriages ending.
Charles Mattina 1
Juan Jimenez -5
Just wait until the first passenger on a cancelled or delayed flight is told there are no hotel rooms in the area, and the pax sics the lawyer on the airline for baldfaced lying.

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Gwyn Engelken 7
Get money from who?


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