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NASA’s moon rocket moved to launch pad for 1st test flight

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA’s new moon rocket arrived at the launch pad Wednesday ahead of its debut flight in less than two weeks. The 322-foot (98-meter) rocket emerged from its mammoth hanger Tuesday night, drawing crowds of Kennedy Space Center workers, many of whom were not yet born when NASA sent astronauts to the moon a half-century ago. It took nearly 10 hours for the rocket to make the four-mile trip to the pad, pulling up at sunrise. NASA is aiming for an Aug. 29 liftoff for the… ( More...

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Ben Merryman 4
Yes! Looking forward to getting back to the moon. These missions / launches will be incredible.
Nole Flyer 2
You never hear Race Hustlers work to eliminate race from selection criteria, whether for a school, job, etc. They just want to force more minorities into the ranks, whether deserving or not. And continuing to look at things that happened decades ago does not help anyone move forward.
Rob Valle -3
The agency "wants a more diverse team"!? When does the woke insanity stop? What ever happened to the most competent, most talented REGARDLESS of race/ color/ gender, etc. Unbelievable.
James Walls 1
It ends when the diversity of the workforce matches the diversity of the tax payer population that funds it.
Rob Valle 2
Race/ gender/ creed should not be part of the selection criteria for a job, any more than for paying taxes. Keep lowering the standards to fill quotas and suffer the consequences. So much for meritocracy.
Rick VanSice 1
An accident waiting to happen.
clarify 0
Do you actually believe that the 38 Apollo astronauts, each and every one of whom were white males, were all the most competent and talented? Or were they the beneficiaries of a system that didn't care one whit about diversity and instead incorporated systemic gender and racial biases, and then used the publicity surrounding these white males to overtly and covertly reenforce and impose these biased beliefs on our citizens?
mbrews 2
Clarifying the credo preached in the neighborhood of Clarify. (Ann Arbor Michigan )
clarify 0
So apparently you're more comfortable talking about my apparent location than whether or not the 38 all-white, all-male Apollo astronauts were, in fact, the most competent and most talented for their positions. Makes sense!
Rob Valle 2
No system should care one whit about diversity. It should be based solely on competence/ merit.
Look no further than the incompetent Biden administration circus as a prime example. I bet they do great on the diversity score card though.
clarify -1
I see you avoided the key question. That's alright, as it's probably best you did that....
Bandrunner -1
You were doing well with the first sentence, and then you had to put the boot in and spoil it.
OnTheAve -3
Maybe we should send you to the moon -- one way, and make the earth a better place.
Rob Valle 3
Only if I EARN my way there. And if I don't, you can be sure I won't cry "RACISM!!!"
OnTheAve 1
I am quite you would EARN your way there if you limit the recruiting pool to only white males like yourself. You don't have to cry "racism" as you speak it.

To accomplish the objective you want "What ever happened to the most competent, most talented REGARDLESS of race/ color/ gender, etc" of which I am in total agreement, you have to expand the pool on folks beyond while males. To not do so, means you will pick up some unqualified folks who would not have made it otherwise.

I am certain our Apollo mission could have been even more successful if the recruitment pool was open to ALL Americans REGARDLESS of race/ color/ gender, etc

You make a good argument but you are looking at it the wrong way around!
Rob Valle 2
It's in any organization's best interest to recruit the best TALENT, regardless of race. Affirmative action lowers the bar and forces these to accept a less worthy candidate based on something other than TALENT. That is the wrong way.
OnTheAve 1
There you go again -- citing falsehoods around factless false beliefs. This is just hopeless. But, what do you expect if one believes that if you are not a white male then you are not qualified. That is the problematic bottom line.
OnTheAve -2
In fairness to you Rob, NASA's statement is incomplete.

It should have been something like "The space agency wants a more diverse team in order to ensure it has the most highly-qualified crew." But, it won't do that because it is afraid of pissing off white males.
John Pierce -1
Looking forward to it. Now, copy editors, get it right. Marcia and the rest of us deserve correct grammar. "The capsule will fly around the moon in a distant orbit for a couple weeks......" Couple OF weeks? Form detracts from substance here....


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