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Sea-Tac is adapting, but Seattle needs a new airport

In 2019, the Legislature created a commission to recommend an appropriate location and called for a 2040 deadline to have a new airport in place. If previous delays are any indication — Sea-Tac’s third runway, for example, began construction in 1992 before opening in 2008 — this is an ambitious timeline. ( More...

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counterspin 2
Ditto, wasted posting, ads stay blocked.
Christos Psarras 1
You can still read the article by disabling Javascript on that page. Search for Javascript blocker in your browser's addins/extensions store, add it, and done.
Christos Psarras 1
Forgot to add, most likely some content such as images won't show, but the text will.
Ken Jackson 1
Y’all know the geography. It can never happen. Why do we waste bandwidth for this nonsense?
avionik99 0
I do not Unblock Ads for anyone, sorry.


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