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US Airlines Increasing Ticket Prices as Fuel Reaches Record Highs

As fuel prices continue to go up, airlines are starting to feel the impact on their revenues, all major US airlines have said that they will be increasing ticket prices to offset this. Fuel is one of an airlines biggest operating expenses, it accounts for 15-20% of a carrier’s total operating cost. Since late February fuel prices have only been going up, the expected fuel price for March was 2.45 to 2.50 per gallon, in reality... ( More...

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avionik99 6
HaHa this article came out at the same time another did explaining that prices were going up due to full planes not the price of gas!
Roy Hunte -1
That other article was more balderdash from the Communist News Network. ROFL!
RECOR10 -1
Um, Sir (s that your pronoun???) - CNN is the FIRST name in news. So, stop with your conjecture please. Now, I need to go finish weaving my white guilt quilt to give to a homeless black man who is a victim of my multigenerational destruction of blacks....(or so CNN tells me)
Harry Venison 0
If you watch CNN of Faux News you're an idiot.
bentwing60 1
Clearly you have not been here long enough to glean that RECOR10 does not utilize the "sarc. font" openly. A trait that reveals the true "idiots"! Now go shoot a deer or somethin' cause' you clearly aren't up to the task of political discourse with him yet. Cheers!
Harry Venison -2
Communist....communist....hmmm....OOOOhhhh I know what you mean now! Like Tucker Carlson being pro Putin, which would be like approving the murder of children. Ok, I'm smelling what you're stepping in now, wink wink.
Juan Jimenez 5
But they never DECREASE them when fuel prices go down. F*** them, I will fly myself, drive or take other transportation. They don't deserve my business.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Harry Venison -3
Oh Christ, here we go with blaming Presidents for gas prices. 'Our'so called pipeline was going to pump Sludge, yes Sludge, from Canada to the gulf coast, then refined and then sent over seas. Even the tRUMP administration reviewed that it would NOT have lowered gas prices. Gas prices are determined by Big Oil companies, plain and simple. But keep a tight hold on to your cult beliefs, Big Oil loves to divert your attention away from them.
Phil Howry 8
So the government's unilateral decision to cut domestic fossil fuel exploration and processing had no impact on fuel prices? Okay, so my feelings tell me the sky is actually purple, if I repeat that enough will people believe me?
frequentflyguy -2
Like the Climate Changers, only the idiot sheep shall follow...
Jaime Terrassa 2
my friends it's what call greed
msetera 1
Call it the Brandon tax.
Harry Venison -3
Big Oil loves c***ts like you. Their eyes glaze over $$$$$$$$$$$
John Wallace-Bradley 1
Thank you, "President" Biden!
Harry Venison -3
Yes, thank GOD he is president and not the false Orange prophet with the platinum blonde comb over.
Leander Williams 1
Gas right now is the price-gouging cash cow. I saw the other day that gas DROPPED to $100 a barrel, but the price went up by 10 cents. And, in California, they haven't even starting using the summer blend yet. My the 4th of July gas maybe $7 a gallon if this situation is not reeled in. It's time the government regulate fuel prices and cap any increases. When I worked at a company that dealt with military transportation, the government would tell us what we could charge as a fuel surcharge if fuel reached a certain point, and if it dropped below a certain threshold, no surcharge.
Edward Pagliassotti -1
LOL What goes up does not necessarily come down. I have tears in my ears from laying on my back crying over this. (actual lyrics were '...crying over you')


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