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Our Dreamliners have been impacted by paint peeling on the wings, ANZ says

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — Air New Zealand says it has encountered some issues with paint peeling on the wings of its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. ( More...

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mbrews 5
Look at the article, It includes a photo of the remarkable " All Black " livery of at least one ANZ 789. Sharp looking.

In the pic, fuselage is clearly painted all black.

- Pic doesn't reveal whether the wings are painted black on topside. BUT, if they are, wings would get a heck of a solar heat gain, especially while parked during covid lockdown. Could that be a factor causing unusual paint peeling ?

just sayin..
Ian Alder 2
A google image search shows (AFAIK) wings only painted white.
hal pushpak 3
With regard to All Black.. Old school here, but way back then, we were always told that composite fuselages should be white, specially on top surfaces.. Times have changed, no doubt!
linbb -7
Wow and to think Boeing would have problems with little said on here about Airbus having the same thing.
Colin Seftel 3
The article says "Qatar Airways has grounded 21 of its 53 Airbus A350s over painting quality issues."
dnorthern -3
An afterthought
chalet 3
A friend of mine that flies for a Middle East airline (captain 787 and 777) told me that all the fuss that Qatar chairman Baker over alleged paint peeling on his AB32}50s is just posturing and dickering and bickering about which he is infamously famous. There have NOT been any similar claims from any other airline also flying AB350s so his lawsuit against Airbus will be a failure but it is going to cost his airline pretty a penny in very expensive London law firms, unfortunately it is not coming out from his wallet....
mbrews 2
INCORRECT, check your facts and review prior posts on FA. There HAVE BEEN similar claims from A350 operators OUTSIDE the Middle East. Including some in northern Europe, who are reporting paint coating deterioration on their Airbus A350 models.
chalet -1
show me the money
mbrews 3
Reported on MANY news sites - Just search for - airbus paint flaw wider than gulf. Here is one from the NASDAQ stock exchange in USA. Yep, they do follow the money.

Finnair, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, and others have had A350 paint deterioration.

The original thread was ANZ 787 dreamliners paint ; I continue to suspect extreme temperature affects w/ paint on composite fuselages ( all airframe makers )
chalet 3
Ok but the inefable and sometimes inexcusable Qatar CEO Baker blows up his top on a regular basis amplifying minor issues just to get deeper discounts when buying new units; you have not read or heard the CEOs of other AB350s operators exploding like this guy over minot paint issues, or have you.
Paul F Harris 1
Sounds like he likes making mountains out of mole hills
mbrews 0
The subject is not the temperment or loudness of Airline CEOs. CEOs don't need to speak loudly, they do need to work through channels to get a technical fix.

Here's your original non-factual claim -

" There have not been any similar claims from any other airline also flying AB350s so his lawsuit against Airbus will be a failure ."

STILL non-factual Here's yet another public story about A350 paint defects -

It states that Finnair reported problems as early as 2016, And how Airbus is investigating why operators suffer exposure / deterioration of copper foil embedded in paint layers. The copper foil serves as a conductive layer in the composite fuselage, to shield against lightning strikes.


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