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Russia Missile Test Creates New Belt of Space Junk, Escalating Threat to Satellites

The Russian missile test that shattered a dead satellite this week highlights a growing threat of space debris just as companies such as SpaceX and Boeing Co. make plans to launch as many as 65,000 commercial spacecraft into orbit in coming years. ( More...

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Anthony Dennis 2
If i read between the lines, the Russians targeted a satellite to inform the world of several things, They have caught up to the US in capability, they have effectively developed a denial of service tin the area the satellite is now orbiting in, and proclaimed that the area above out planet is now a high tech junkyard.
Greg S 1
"...they have caught up to the US..."

I doubt they were ever behind, but if they were they caught up *decades* ago. Many Russian provocations these days are intended not so much for demonstrating capabilities to their adversaries but rather for domestic consumption, to prove to Russians that "Russia stronk!" Nationalistic fervor is a key component of Putin's reign.
That ain't it (china did it years ago).
Highflyer1950 2
It’d be ironic if the next deep space Chinese or Russian launch vehicle crashed into the mess of space debris Russia just deliberately caused?
The ISS had to adjust their orbit to avoid the mess... two russians on board at the time.
96flstc 0
old news


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