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China Reportedly Bans Flightradar24. Are Other Flight Tracking Sites At Risk?

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As China further clamps down on overseas data transmission, the Beijing Municipal National Security Bureau has decided to ban Flightradar24, a real-time aircraft tracking service. ( Mais...

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terry alberta 6
Planning to attack Taiwan, want to keep movements as hidden as possible
bbabis 0
When China does move on Taiwan it will be a lightning attack that will only leave biden the opportunity to shake his finger while alternately whispering and yelling which is what he'd do anyways.
Shenghao Han 0
Pufft, you do realize how much China rely on Taiwan?
Without Taiwan (specifically TSMC) they won't able to make phones, cars, motherboards, graphics cards...
It will be years before the world recovers. China attacking Taiwan is akin to Japan attacking Pearl Harbour. A last ditch attempt nobody in the world wants.
Cleffer 4
"The report references an unnamed foreign company supplying ADS-B receivers to volunteers in China to collect flight data.."

Shenghao Han 0
Humm let's hope flightaware gets spared. My Mon used it to track my flights to ensure I had landed safely...


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