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FAA oversight of American Airlines is flawed, watchdog says

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A government watchdog said Friday that federal safety regulators routinely fail to ensure that American Airlines gets to the cause of maintenance shortcomings when they are discovered. ( Mais...

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Jon Schwartz 7
“Is it really true that political self-interest is nobler somehow than economic self-interest? . . . And just tell me where in the world you find these angels who are going to organize society for us.”
― Milton Friedman

The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best."-Thomas Sowell

The modern administrative state it’s just a return to oligarchy despite its grand promises and assertions that it is necessary for a modern world needed to be governed by a modern administrative state.
ImperialEagle 4
"had missing engine bushings" "improperly held struts holding the engine in place".
You would think that after their DC-10 catastrophe of 1979 they would have learned their lesson when it comes to engine attachment, at least.

As usual, just follow the money. All the airlines dump loads of money on their lobbyists to make sure the FAA minds their "place" and doesn't get too invasive. Just another reason this Government agency should have been privatized long ago.
dcmeigs 4
1979 is ancient history for an American corporation. Institutional memory is very short. How many CEOs has AMR had since 1979?

It’s probably hard to believe, but flying AA was actually a pretty pleasant experience back then. One could be dropped of 20 minutes before the flight without worry, haha.
Jimbo Llidgots 2
Well you can thank Bush and his 'Patriot Act' for giving us the reason for 2hr waits at airports whilst the Gestapo checks all the old ladies in wheelchairs for explosives. I too miss the 20 min drop. I also know it's not the airlines but TSA and their stupid searches.
Fred Heasley 3
Have read the article and nowhere does it mention checklists in the cockpit, its to do with maintenance. Am I missing something.
Dan Chiasson 4
Good point, another example of dialogue/threads that just go astray by getting distracted by a catchy post as is the case here. One of the effects of an unmoderated or lightly moderated site. No avoiding it as staying on topic requires a degree of mental discipline. Some like meandering posts, others not. I, like you, appear to prefer remaining in context.
Jimbo Llidgots 2
Hmmm. Let's think on this for a moment. Who has the vested interest in safety here, the FAA or AA who has to sell to the public any flaw in their program which leads to a catastrophe? If I'm the captain of an AA plane, as PIC it's my task to make sure the plane is airworthy. If it's not, guess what, we don't fly and numerous customers are left deplaning and mad. It seems to me that the company has many more vested reasons to be safe than this article gives credit. No one wants to see planes fall out of the sky...and trust me no one wants to pay the price for that either.
Ed Chapman 2
Forsake safety for profits.
srobak 2
In other news....

water is wet.
Rich James 3
Does the phrase clickbait ring any bells?
srobak 1
how so? it links to the article detailing the information.
emkostiuk -5
Ironic considering that one of their Capitan's told me last night on F/B they memorize their checklist but never have the time to use them.
N60PR 14
I just retired after 36 years with AA. I've never seen a lack of checklist discipline in any cockpit. If a crewmember failed to use a checklist, there are avenues to report the behavior which are highly effective.
sparkie624 12
I can't imagine a pilot not using a Checklist. that is just stupid... History has shown not doing so can be very detrimental to your health and others....
ms06877 11
That makes no sense. It's up to the Captain to manage the cockpit to make time for the important things, like checklists!
srobak 3
sorry but i can attest firsthand that is patent bs.
dcmeigs 1


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