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U.S. export tightening slows advance of Chinese C919 jet

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China's C919 jetliner - a no-show at the country's biggest air show this week – has found it harder to meet certification and production targets amid tough U.S. export rules ( Mais...

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Ronnie Falgout 5
How would you like walking onto a jet, and seeing a placard saying Made in China…
Lucio DiLoreto 3
Not to worry, the C919 is nearing obsolescence.
SkyAware123 2
By the time that thing comes to market it will be at least 1 generation behind, probably more. But.. if they sell planes to the chinese market alone , it might be enough to break even.
JJ Johnson -8
I am sure China Joe Biden will fix it where his Comrades in China get everything they need. I wonder if Hunter will be their new CEO?
Richard Mallory 7
The troll has spoken.
Cheers Richard .
Dennis Stockton 0
Cheers JJ

Dan Chiasson -7
And JJ Johnson is in fine form. BS baffles brains but you sir, are out to lunch and unhinged. Seek professional help for your childish need for attention and/or just stop posting.


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