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Cessna SkyCourier Makes Public Debut At AirVenture 2021

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Cessna’s SkyCourier utility twin turboprop made its first show appearance at EAA AirVenture, arriving on opening day, Monday, July 26. A crowd gathered on Boeing Plaza in front of the big twin as Textron officials updated certification progress and underscored the features they believe will make the airplane a success. Also on hand were representatives from launch customer FedEx, which has 50 on order and expects to take its first delivery later this year. ( Mais...

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Jim Smirh 3
"... there is an internal gust-lock activation system. For safety, it’s not possible to advance the throttles to takeoff power when the gust locks are activated." Where have I heard that before? Would rather see "above idle" rather than "takeoff power" in that sentence.
sparkie624 2
I have always hear that if you can find a "Fool Proof" anything, I can find a "Fool" to prove you wrong!
Bob Roehrer 1
Make something "foolproof", and only a fool will rely on it.
Tony Silverstrå 1
Looks nice
Gary Eldridge 1
Only one photo?
Stefan Sobol 1
The Ayres Loadmaster finally arrives (more or less).


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