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Southwest passengers booted over mask dispute get a lift from small-plane pilot

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A family kicked off a Texas-bound Southwest Airlines flight earlier this month because of a face-mask dispute managed to get to their destination anyway, thanks to a private-plane pilot, according to a report. Peck flew his twin-engine airplane to Denver, picked up the family, and flew them to Austin at no charge. He even offered to take the family back to Denver at the end of their trip. ( Mais...

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Mike Mohle 1
Uh, what airplane? I would have been interested in knowing that (being an airplane guy). Reporter probably would have said "Piper Cub". LOL
sparkie624 1
Just said it was a Twin Engine!
Did they act like immature snotfaced teenagers on the private flight, or do they just do that when flying commercial?
I retract this statement, as it does not apply in this case. Actually the teenager part probably doesn't apply in general, either.
sparkie624 1
Most definitely... It was a 2 Year Old that did not want to wear a mask... UGH.. Did you ever try to sit down and reason with a 2 year old, especially one that is upset! BTW, I don't want to wear one either!
linbb -6
Gee do you ever quit? Who really cares if that idiot couldnt follow rules. You probably are the same type.
sparkie624 2
Why doesn't Flight Aware ban users like yourself from posting! If you have nothing useful to say, then don't say it!
Dean Brossman 1
Read the article, it was about their 2 year old child not keeping his mask on. They were not demonstrating against wearing a mask.


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