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American Airlines to retire entire Embraer 140 fleet in May

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Another set of planes is destined for the boneyard. - Over the weekend, American Airlines removed the Embraer 140 (E140) fleet from its schedule effective May 5, 2021, according to Cirium timetables and later confirmed by the carrier. It’s no secret that the E140s were on their way out. It was just a matter of when. ( Mais...

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Miguel Otero 3
No middle seats
Miguel Otero 2
France Air force E140?
ADXbear 2
I wonder what happens to all those flight crews? Do they upgrade to AA large aircraft? I also wonder what this pandemic has done for new pilot training at schools, FBOs etc.. is there a Glut of pilots on furlough?
Lanny Word 1
They are most likely going to be looking for a new vocation. If they are lucky, a few of them might get a job in the booming private aviation sector.
i remember both flying on those and working with them..we always had issues with getting a jetbridge up to the door (did not use external stairs)as the jetbridges had to be really ajdusted both up/down and side to side to fit and we had to use a little tiny "ramplet bridge" as well..
Robert Cowling 1
Too large?
sparkie624 1
"Too Large?" Clarify Please?
Miguel Otero 1
Yes..... Clarify.


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