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Airlines saw an immediate boost in passenger bookings following vaccine announcements

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When Pfizer and BioNTech announced their promising COVID-19 vaccine trial results last week Monday... the carrier’s bookings surged by 50%. According to Reuters... the momentum continued this week Monday, when Moderna also announced a very high efficacy for its candidate vaccine. ( Mais...

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patrick baker 8
business fliers constitute a big percentage of revenue passengers, and ought to be brighter than most ordinary passengers. However, the increase in booking just after vaccine announcements is all wrong, for the vaccines will not be offered for many months- perhaps the middle of 2021, so the reflexive bookings are premature. You want to book out 6 months or more, then that might make some small sense.
Lee Withers 10
Hate to burst the “Brightest” bubble, but there’s many a educated person that’s not too smart.

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jeff slack 1
Did you buy that home ventilator on E-bay? You may need it. ICUs are full.
Yeah, our ICU was filled this time last year too...and the year before and the year before. With or without ChinaFlu a very small number of PT's on a vent ever get off of the vent (Darwin, no?)

I do feel that we are ahead of the semi-trailer morgue curve as we have used a few "Refer" trailers for makeshift body storage for over ten years now...we are SO cutting edge.

Please, go back to your delusional news and Panic! Key West was AWESOME without all the freaking tourists!
Mark Reusser 2
250,000+ Deaths is not "delusional"
Gary Ondrey 3
On any given day in the US, 7781 people die....EVERY SINGLE DAY !!! Look it up. !! Over a six month period 1,416,142 die in the U.S. of various causes !! Now look at how many people have died in the U.S. so far this year....57000 more than average....not 250000 + that the BS media would have you believe. And many of those are likely due to an aging population which will increase the numbers each year for many years. Use your head people and go and enjoy your lives and stop believing this crap
Oh, you and all of your facts. If you look at deaths in the segment between (I think it was) 30-55 the number was down by I think 7%. However, suicide is high, alcohol-related deaths (some are then suicide), drug OD and that of people too afraid to go to the hospital and die at home......
Gary Ondrey 2
I totally agree with you. I know exactly what you're saying and you're right!!
RECOR10 -2
it is nothing compared to heart disease and on and on. End of the day, only the weak are dying. Humanity is far better off for this. Plus, estimates were in the millions.

I did see another paitient today who had smoke stains on his face masking from smoking through it...I do hope he has a massive heart attack this weekend. If so, it will be classified as a ChinaFlu death...
lfilipov747 -1
I like the way you think. Nice to see some "awake" people here.
bentwing60 -7
For those challenged to define a functional 'Republic', to grovel while protesting is the norm and reveals a full boat current generation + college background, complete with the 100 grand in debt! Here, here to EYW, though the lxygbt parades remind me of PSP these days
mary susan watkins 2
it is wonderful news for everyone that there are at least 2 vaccines that will be available...the issue is that it sill will be a few months down the road and at least one of them requires an extreme sub zero refrigeration unit,hard to get..there is not yet a plan to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of people,and when the vaccine is first available, it will be given out to first responders,doctors,nurses and the elderly,before the general public..the pandemic is far from over and those hopping on the ticket bandwagon should understand this..
RECOR10 -4
I know many, MANY medical professionals who will not partake. We have made it this far. I DARE the Govt to mandate this. Would be no different than the flu shots we do not take (or claim we do and don't). Only a moron believes in some such panacea, or buys into such "cures" for this condition called "mortality"

I promise every first responder (meaning paramedics and cops) and healthcare worker has already had direct exposure. Months ago. We must be part of that slim 99.5% of folks who never show a symptom more than a sniffle.
WhiteKnight77 4
Those who do not get the shot will be looked at in the same light as those parents who forgo the RMM vaccine for their kids or who actually have measles parties. It is one thing to not get a flu shot, but another entirely not to be vaccinated against those childhood diseases that can kill kids and adults.
RECOR10 -2
It is another to try to control the lives and bodies of others. But, for instance, according to some, a woman can get an abortion AFTER she goes into labor and taht is fine....but, if she does not get a ChinaFlu vaccine she is murdering innocent people due to her actions?

Thank god you are not a Doctor, WhiteKnight.
WhiteKnight77 2
You don't have to be a doctor to know people were doing exactly that.

We have had 2 major measles outbreaks here in the US in the last 5 years, including one that started at Disneyland.
Gary Ondrey -1
OMG !! you are SO right on !! The Democrats pretend with their holier than thou BS to be the protectors of life by mandating masks and vaccines, but pass legislation to kill post birth babies. These are very sick people !
Chris Croft 2
C'mon bentwing, strap on the oxygen mask and clear your head


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