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Couple gets married at New Orleans airport after coronavirus cancellations

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Chase Thomas and Emily Zilich had to push back their wedding a couple of times due to the coronavirus pandemic and eventually decided on having a ceremony at MSY's new terminal. "They decided on a small ceremony at #MSY right before they took off to Mexico for their honeymoon." ( Mais...

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sparkie624 2
LOL... Just couldn't wait another minute...
sparkie624 1
Best of luck and wishes to both of them for a great marriage!
Ric Ben 2
With more than 20 Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas perhaps one might relocate to the LAS Airport after reading this story.
dee9bee 2
My first thought was that folks from the US had to quarantine on arrival in Mexico but I now see that's not the case. On the other hand, On the other hand, maybe a nice two week quarantine was exactly what they were looking for :-)
mary susan watkins 1
i know of one couple who had already planned the big ceremony and had a ranch for a reception venue,and had already sent out invitations when covid caused a delay..they opted for the church and the original wedding date with just parents,and immediate family who were already in the wedding..rescheduled the reception for september,but with covid still an issue,they had to cancel the entire "party", and they and their parents lost a lot of least they were able to get married in a church with bridesmaids and groomsmen!a party and a honeymoon will come later..that has happened to so many airport weddding is a unique idea!i wish them well..


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