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Over 100 A380s Will Remain Grounded Forever

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Over 100 A380s will remain grounded forever according to the man who was key in the development of the superjumbo and then buying the A380. ( Mais...

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Ric Ben 13
Perhaps a few, instead of aging in the desert sun, could be converted to Flying Hospitals, similar to the ORBIS DC10. Although the A380 is a larger aircraft, it can still technically land at up to 400 airports.
bigkahuna400 2
They would make nice hotels !
Ric Ben 1
You might want to check out 'Jumbostay'. It is a totally unusual hostel at Sweden's Stockholm Arlanda Airport, there guests can sleep in an original Boeing 747.
Bill Seward 1
Simply too few airports can handle it for it to be an effective choice. Bad times make such things obvious.
ADXbear 1
Firefighter, would be awesome.. I'm not a bus fan, but this is terrible akin to B747 waste..
Thomas Craig 1
Too heavy, and too expensive to fly as a freighter. What a waste2
martin wurz 1
an absolute waste
Bill Seward 1
Not really. Aluminum recycles, the avionics can be used elsewhere. Best thing is for Airbus and the airlines to learn what works and what don't work. Planes that 99% of airports can't handle don't work.


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